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Thursday, March 27, 2008



The title of this post is taken directly from Atlas Shrugs and in a round-about way, from Neocon News.

Approximately 35+ people were in the chat room during a Blog Talk Radio Show with Political Pistachio. The guest was Atlas Shrugs. Listen to the archive of that very important discussion. It will not be a waste of your time or energy. However, the show isn't what this post is about. It is about the Conservative Movement, John McCain and principles.

As I see it, the Conservative Movement was born out of the troubled times of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Double digits in regards to unemployment, inflation and mortgage rates of the American Economy of those decades nearly destroyed this nation. The Free Spirit movements of those days are dark shadows of our American Experiment and portents to be all costs. The Conservative Movement was a response in a political ideology to those trying times and Ronald Wilson Reagan rallied the American People to a single cause...pride in America.

The key issues which gave birth to Conservatism or a return to Conservatism (Jeffersonian Conservatism) were the ever growing Soviet threat (MAD), sky rocketing inflation coupled with the dismal recession(s), nearly stagnated economic growth, soaring crime, massive oil shortages and extreme social disorder. On every issue of the times of yesteryear, Conservatism offered the solutions to the problems encountered from the socialist ideals and principles from previous Administrations. Conservatism offered Hope and Change...viable Hope and Change - tangible Hope and Change. The Conservative Movement completely disoriented and baffled the liberals of those days much like Conservatism sends the modern day Marxonian Progressive (liberal) of today into frenzied ad hominems because they have nothing of substance to offer the American people but sound bites. In those Reagan Presidency years, the self-induced problems wrought upon this nation by the then Liberals were cured and the failed Liberalism was defeated as is evidenced by two Presidential landslide victories and one sweeping Changing of The Guard in the House of Representatives and The Senate. In the following years hence, the Guardians of the Conservative Movement failed to keep a watchful eye and wolves in sheep's clothing entered the arena.

As Ronald Wilson Reagan inspired this nation with the Call To Action of Pride In America, Self Esteem, Personal Integrity, Faith In God, Small Government, States Rights, Patriotism and many more issues stemming from personal achievement, we find ourselves in a vacuum of Conservative leadership. We have been "waiting" for another Reaganesque leader to emerge. That has been a major flaw. While we sat on our rear ends consuming our time in superfluous nonsense of various sitcoms and similar inanities, the Leftinistra coalesced into a machine that rolled over the Conservative Movement.

The Conservative Movement is still alive and well but the vast majority are now at the keyboards and occupy the Blogosphere. To rebuild that Conservative Movement, we too must coalesce into one voice and band together and act as one to roll over the Leftinistra. Let's face it - we far outnumber the enemy camp and it will begin as we put into place Conservatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate on the federal levels. We must do the same at the state levels as well. When Conservatives face down the "progressive" on ideals and principles, the "progressive" loses every time. We haven't done that lately.

Conservatives believe in Truth and Honor whereas the "progressive" believes in nothing substantial and develops lies to describe the Conservatives in order to mask their own pathetic inadequacies.
[...] When the craving for power transcends every other human longing, then the importance of truth and honor shrinks to nothing. The bondage of lies is just as great as any other bondage. Our enemies seek to manacle us and allow, without always knowing it, themselves to be manacled as well. So we could call them power addicts, but perhaps the purest term to describe them is as bondsmen in the party of pathological lies. [END]
Below is a clip of a great speech from a great man. The entire speech can be heard and studied here. Listen to these words and compare the times then to the times now. (email subscribers go here)

The threats we face now - today - have different names, ideals and faces as the threats we faced then but, the threats now are just as real today, as they were then.

We can rebuild the Conservative Movement that our Guardians failed to secure. The Liberals of yore are not the same Liberals of today. Today's Liberal calls themselves Progressive - the Marxonian concept of progress - and have moved to the Far Left. (decide for yourself where you stand politically or let someone else decide for you...your choice)

If not us - who? If not now - when?

As for principles, I have heard many proclaim that they will not vote for McCain because they cannot go against their principles. Whereas I relate to their angst, I find that attitude faulty. What good are principles when the alternative to McCain is either Barack Obama, a staunch Marxist or Hillary Clinton, a Budding Leninist? Will a principled Conservative - one that despises the very thought of socialism, fascism, communism - hand the nation's Presidency to such anti-Americanists such as Barack or Hillary? Both candidates of the Leftinistra are no more qualified to run this nation than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid are.

I have my principles as well and I cannot automatically cast a vote for the Leftinistra by staying home and not casting a vote at all anymore than I can actually cast a vote for Hillary or Barack. Either way, it is a vote for socialism and that goes against my Conservative Principles. The battleground is now, once again, at the local and state levels and placing Conservatives in Congress. In this election soon upon us all, it will test those Conservative Principles.

Do we let the "progressives" win to prove a point and spend decades crawling out of Carteresque idiocy or do we "settle for" McCain and concentrate on Congress for the next 8 years? This isn't about 4 years of Barack or Hillary - not in the long run. If either "progressive" wins the White House and a Conservative emerges afterwards - after the fact - like Reagan did, do we really want to take 20 years to climb out of the Progressive Sewer? With an enemy that has sworn to our destruction knocking on our doors? Can you live with that?

I cannot.

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