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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Case You Missed It...


Senator John Kerry is an idiot.

Major Hat Tip to Amy Proctor for this recent video. She has a plethora stored at Bottom Side Up and I swiped this one to show just how much of an idiot John Kerry really is. Not only was he an idiot back in the Winter Soldier Hate America socialist dimb-ass club in the 70s with Hanoi and now Jihad Jane, he hasn't much "progressed" intellectually past the intelligence level of whale dung since.

While I am at it, John Kerry should be indicted on War crimes that he himself admitted to way back when and he should be now brought up on charges of defrauding the United States, libel and defamation of character of thousands of vets. Why? Because recently, the Winter Soldier debacle has been proven to be false and packed with lies. But, Kerry is a Leftinistra liar and that is considered to be a Badge of Honor for that ilk. Alas! I digress.

Here is a video exclaiming that Barack Obama has MORE experience than Ronald Reagan, Hillary Clinton and George Bush...unbelievable.

For an in-depth critical analysis, visit Amy's site. It is well worth the trip.

For email subscribers, the video is at Amy's site or here...