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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ecuador Orders Troops To Columbian Border


Here we go, folks. There is trouble brewing in South America. FARC, a Marxist terrorist organization has had 40 years of fun in South America. The military action by the Columbian government recently took out one of FARC's heroes, one Raul Reyes, aka Luis Edgar Devia, and Ecuador claimed that Columbian troops entered or violated Ecuadorian airspace to carry out the operation.

Following this action, (T)Hugo Chavez ordered 10 Divisions of his military to the Venezuela-Columbian border and threatened Columbia with war if Columbia thought to "invade" Venezuela to attack FARC. I think 10 Divisions to be over-kill but Chavez does have Hitlerian ambitions in his small world of ignorance and bliss.

Now, the President of Ecuador has taken similar action: CNN reporting:
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa withdrew his government's ambassador in Bogota, Colombia, and ordered troops to the country's border following a Colombian raid against leftist rebels inside Ecuador. In a televised address, Correa called a raid by Colombian national police and air force one day earlier a "massacre" that killed civilians. The strike at dawn Saturday killed two leading figures in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a Marxist movement that has fought a guerrilla war against the country's government for some 40 years. One of the dead was FARC's second-in-command, Luis Edgar Devia Silva, known as "Raul Reyes." The incident has triggered a crisis among the three countries, as Venezuela President Hugo Chavez also ordered 10 battalions of troops to the Colombian border and the closure of Venezuela's embassy in Bogota. Chavez pledged to "support Ecuador in any circumstance," he said on his weekly talk show, "Alo Presidente," or "Hello, President." "We don't want war, but we will not allow the North American empire -- which is the master -- and its sub-President [Alvaro] Uribe and the Colombian oligarchy to divide, to weaken us. We will not allow it." [...]
Sounds like a prelude to war to me. Apparently, anyone that goes after FARC is an enemy of Ecuador and Venezuela. For that matter, any friend of the United States is an enemy to any Marxist Camp...funny how that works.

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