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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Frightened Democrats and The end Run


I "found" a comment in the comments section of Spree's blog and the individual making this comment has captured The Truth of that which we are all witness to in these days of tension and frustration. I have decide to "steal" the comment and make a post of it.

The comment can be found here and the article that generated the comment is Democraps (yes that is spelled that way on purpose) Ignore National Security and Regret the Steroid Hearings.

I am not clear if this individual has their own blog anywhere or if they appear out of the blue and leave nuggets of wisdom laying about on blogs. He or she goes by Lightwave and I have seen this person on Spree's blog for quite some time.

I, and so many others have said this many times over but this is "it" in a nutshell:
You notice something, Spree? The Democraps are terrified. They say that Bush is a fearmonger...but the Dems only ever react out of fear. Right now, the fear of the Nutroot liberal extremists defeating Dems in the primaries is outpacing their fear of losing in the general election. The Maryland primary claimed Al Wynn already. They remember how Joe Lieberman was treated. So out of fear they reacted. The funny part is this vote right here has doomed them. The further to the left they go to satisfy the MoveOn wing, they worse of a margin they'll lose by in the general election in 2008. This vote will claim dozens of Dems in the general election. Act Blue and Blue America and these Soros-powered astroturf groups are the end of the Dems. Hillary or Obama, it won't matter. An ugly convention, an even uglier election season where "weak on terrorism" Dems get destroyed in debates and in ads, and it's the end of them. And you think America's going to go with the Dems when they know they will raise taxes on the middle class? Result? GOP House and White House in 2008 and in striking range of a GOP Senate in 2010.
Now, I ask you. Is this so very obvious or is it not?