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Thursday, March 27, 2008



Listen up, peeps! Ya'll heard me, dammit...I said LISTEN UP PEEPS! Whereas McLame ain't no conservative, no matter the speechifying I heard today, live, doesn't mean that we roll over and play nice-nice or play the Leftinistra want us to do.

Some would have us "stay home and show the RNC/GOP a thing or two". The people that are saying that are the morons that screwed us in 2006. Remember those morons? That worked out pretty well, didn't it? In the long run, it has caused the War In Iraq to go longer than it needed to be and it got more of our troops wounded, maimed and KIA. Ain't THAT somptin' ta be prowd uv? Friggin morons.

And what about all this stupid talk about voting for Hillary crap? Or even Obama? Have they lost their fool minds? Some say that we should give the country to the Marxist or the Socialist so they can screw the country up and we can blame them for the mess. Then, we can find us a Conservative Savior to come to the rescue in 2012. That is one of the MOST retarded things I have ever heard. We did that LAST year...that's the problem with short-term thinking postulating idiots. They suffer from CRS...can't remember SHIT! If we do that, we just might not have a country to save. Think about that before you go off being all pious and mighty and retarded.

Scenario 1: Hillary is crowned the new CIC. The next day, as CIC, she can "unwage" war and pull the troops out, like she said she would do...or not...depending on what time of the month she is in at the time or which way the wind is blowing or where Billy is wetting his whistle with. Then, just like Billy Bob's pathetic showing against our enemies, we will be seen as weak and dispirited and here they come again. Is THAT what we want, peeps?

Scenario 2: Obama is crowned the new CIC. The same thing as Hillary except this fool has said that he will attack ALLY. IS ANYONE OUT THERE??

Scenario 3: McCain is crowned the new CIC. He will continue the crush on AQ that we have routed and are mopping up with at this very moment in Iraq and soon in Afghanistan. Victory is at hand and he knows do we. He won't pull the troops out before the job is done.

Hillary and Obama will get us all killed and while the Europeans fall to the Caliphate because Hillary will be too busy crying for the cameras or Obama is too busy catering to his Jiahdi financiers, you and I will be hold up in the hills with our private militias waiting for some "revenuer" coming for our weapons.

Is that what we want? If that is what you want, kiss my ass. What the hell did I fight and bleed for this country for if you idiots out there are going to sit on your asses and "show them"? What do we tell our troops? Would you be able to in good conscience tell them that they died because you were a moron? What will you tell the demons when they come each night? Trust ain't easy talking to them.

Michelle Malkin, in all her blustering and all of her frustrations, kept her wits about her when my other heroes Sean, Rush, Ann and some others totally lost it. Go ahead Ann, go campaign for Hillary now that you opened up your GD yapper and spouted off like my 13 year old did just a few hours ago. Friggin morons.

We have an expression in the US Army. You may have heard of it; Embrace The Suck. Go find out what it means...I already know. Been there and done that one several times. Here is a hint...if our troops can do it for YOU, the LEAST YOU can do, is do it for them.

We have work to do. There is a Congress up for grabs. Many RINOs and socialist seats are up for grabs this go around and there are MANY replacements working to route them out of their spider holes. We need to GET OFF OF OUR COMPLACENT ASSES and support these people. Turn off the damn non-reality shows and get to calling. Find out who these people are and campaign for them. How do you think the socialists got in there in the first place? The enemy did their leg work while YOU sat down and whined, watched TV and got drunk in the process. Support and work for and with those that are challenging the idiots in Congress and the Senate. Vote the slackers out. GET OFF OF YOUR WHINING ASSES!!

Don't listen to Sen McCain and calm down! When he said that it PISSED ME OFF! I ain't his son and he ain't my Dad! KISS MY ASS Sen McCain. I am FIRED UP NOW, BOY!

Anyway, over at Rasmussen, Michelle wrote the following: (it is also on her blog); she said the same thing I did but without the Army verbiage.
[...] The contest for the GOP presidential nomination is over. The conservative movement is not. Sen. John McCain's campaign resurrection and Super Tuesday victory leave a diverse group on the Right - from the libertarian Club for Growth to First Amendment defenders to immigration enforcement proponents - dispirited. But the failure to nominate a true Republican unifier does not spell ideological defeat.
On Wednesday, wielding his olive branch like a schoolmarm's ruler, Sen. McCain told conservatives to "calm down." My advice is exactly the opposite: Get fired up.
Some on the Right advise their readers and listeners to vote Democrat or sit home. My advice is exactly the opposite: Get off the couch and walk the walk for conservative candidates and officeholders who need all the help they can get defending free markets, free minds, and secure borders - no matter who takes the White House in November. [...]
She has more to say over there and if you REALLY want to "show the RNC/GOP something", get your floppy ass over there and STUDY what she has to say. Tell Ann Coulter to STFU and STFD.

Aw! What the hell! One more morsel of reasoned thought...
[...] If you can't stomach John McCain, channel your support and energies to Republicans who do represent your values and who have treated the conservative base as allies instead of enemies. There are a new generation of combat veterans running for office who haven't made a career of trashing the base. Check out staunch economic, social, and national security conservative congressional candidates like Iraq/Afghanistan veteran Eric Egland in California's fourth district. Check out the Vets for Freedom ( group for their endorsements. [...]
So, what will it be? Four years of Marxism? Four years of Socialism? Possible more Jihadi scum shit? Under a Hillary or Obama leadership and worse yet, a Hillary/Obama deal or an Obama/Hillary deal?

If you are going to stay home and not vote at least for people trying to get in and oust the cretins already there doing ZIP for the troops and our veterans, I don't want to hear it or know about it.