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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four Messages From Melanie Morgan


The slacker says to get BUSY! LOL! All 4 of these are MUST reads! One includes a letter from a Soldier in Iraq!

Patriots - Berkeley must apologize
Our new commercial will be running this morning on Fox News between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m EST time.

Move America Forward has unveiled a TV commercial demanding that the Berkeley City Council rescind the free parking spaces and sound permits it gave to Code Pink and councilmembers apologize for calling our Marines "unwanted intruders." [...] (Donate here)
So, what's new in Iraq? Hard to tell, based on MSM coverage
Meanwhile, my good friend Megan Ortagus of Freedoms Watch sling-shot her way out of the Beltway of insider nay-sayers to put her eyeballs on the ground in Iraq and has filed a report that I want to share with you. [...]
[...] Private Ryan is a name most Americans associate with Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning picture about a fictional paratrooper from the 101st Airborne Division; his three brothers are tragically killed in WW II and General George C. Marshall orders a grieving mother's last son to be returned home from France.

I had the privilege of meeting an actual Private Ryan today in Kuwait. Private Tim Ryan and I met over a distinctly American meal - McDonalds - while prepping for transport into the red zone of Iraq. Private Ryan will deploy to a kinetic area of operation where he will lead convoys through the rugged terrain, dealing with deadly I.E.D.s on the way, and working with the Iraqi Security Forces to protect the local population. [...]
Go read the rest...

Rash of attacks on Nation's Military Recruiters
Attacks against military recruiters and their offices are growing around the United States, spurred by anti-American anarchists who thrash the centers, assault and batter people, and intimidate those who want to serve their country.

Attackers throw rocks, chain themselves to doors, punch and kick, spray paint graffiti, break windows, yell, and generally vandalize recruiting centers across the nation in repeated attacks. [...]
Yep. I often wonder why the alleged "peace people" are so quick to break laws and become violent at the drop of a hat all in the name of peace. Does anyone know what kind of a peace they so desire? The video of the above article is a must see. I have it saved on our VODPOD.

Assemblyman Introduces Law to Take Berkeley's Cash

Patriots to Berkeley: No Apology, No Peace:
Assemblyman Guy Houston Introduces Legislation To Suspend Transportation Funds to Berkeley for Anti-U.S. Marine Corps Actions

AB 2615 will suspend $3.3 million in Prop. 1B funds to Berkeley

(Sacramento) - Assemblyman Guy Houston (R-San Ramon) has introduced legislation to suspend $3.3 million in transportation funding to the city of Berkeley. Assembly Bill 2615 is a response to the actions taken by the Berkeley City Council on January 29th which denounced the presence of the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in the city of Berkeley, and grants public resources to protesters. [...]