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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And The Libtards Shrill, Shriek and Grasp At Their Last Straws


This is too much, really. It is abundantly clear that the idgits over at SmokePuppyPond wouldn't know what a military tactic was if it hit them right across both shins. It is also clear that the poor slugs are stuck on dumb in regards to the "Mission Accomplished" self-induced quagmire - self-induced by those ignorant of what the "slogan" means. matter. they are the insignificant class anyway and are getting more and more irrelevant each day.

Speaking of irrelevant, where in the hell is Nanny Pelosi, Incompetent Reid and King Jerk Murtha these days? Weren't they to start off the New Year bragging about all that they accomplished in 2007? Oh. Wait. They are. My bad. Bragging about nothing tells the tale. Smirk.

As you can see from the enclosed map, AQ is few and far betwixt, as it were these days and they had previously "dug-in" in the areas eviscerated yesterday. That was a big mistake. Too bad the morons at SmolderingPuppyCreek don't get that.

No worries. I am sure their friends of the Islamic murdering scum suckers will appreciate their support.

If you have a hankering and you need a GREAT laugh, please visit the decrepit fools at FDL and read the comments. Truly pathetic.