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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

America: A Cultural Jihad Coming To A Community Near You


In previous posts here and here, we brought to you Global Cultural Jihad. No matter which color one paints a turd, the fact remains that a turd will always be a turd. It may be a pretty turd but a turd it will remain. And, no matter what the Libtards claim, one cannot pick up a turd by the clean end.

Look around you. Don't look too hard because the evidence is before your very eyes...Global Cultural Jihad is knocking on your doors and windows. It is overshadowing your very existence. CAIR is not your friend.

Here is Dallas some billboard designs were shot down because some Islamic Jihad fruit loop might be offended but it is OK for a Freedom Lover to be offended by some Jihadi scum bag. Go figure.

This Might Offend A Murderous Jihadi

The above was replaced by this one.

This offends us but it doesn't matter because the leaders in this country have become infected with the socialist garbage of socialist political correctness, multiculturalism and identity politics. Screw all of that.

In my Google Reader, I have 43 blog/forum entries in regards to Global Cultural Jihad. I will link them all...some have been cross-posted elsewhere and some have not. If you don't read them all, I don't want to know about it...I will have nasty things to say and you will deserve them all. This is a serious development across the globe and I am sick and tired of the idiot mantra of "this will never happen to us". It IS happening to us NOW in the USA and if you don't know what "is" means or "now" means, go back to school and figure it out.

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Naturally, there are many more locations in which to study Cultural Jihad or Legal Jihad and you can either sit in your comfort zone and "see how things play out" or, you can get up off your lazy butt and do something about it. That's what Freedom Of Speech is...while you still have it Write your CONgress Critters. Write the Editors. Write all the news rooms that exist. When someone tells you that you are in violation PC, MC and IP, tell them that you do not recognize that authority and that you will not participate in The Thought Police Socialists.

Remember, while our children are being taught that Jihad is good, the children of the Jihad are being taught the same thing:

Need we say more?