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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And, They Are Off! New Hampshire Primaries Make Or Break?


In accordance with the talking pointed heads all over the Lame Stream today, including Fox, with their bloviating and journalistic falderal, the anchors are all giving the impression that New Hampshire is the all to be all. If this is so, let's cancel all the other primaries and go for the votes next week!

At any rate, so far, here is the Bloggers Round Up:

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Suitably Flip fills us in on fair-weather voter turn out in NH.
Sister Toldjah has links to other round ups here.
SC and A, as usual, as good commentary.
The Campaign Spot weighs in with SF in regards to the turn-out.
The recently embarrassed Politico weighs in...
Exit pollings can be found here.
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Jules Crittenden is here with a must-see here.
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