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Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Had A Patriotic Nation Once


This is a repost from long light of the True American Patriots facing down the alleged "peace movement" members in The City of Pink in Berzerkeley, CA, I would like our readers to place into the comments section just what Patriotism means to you. Some of our opposition can also participate but vitriolic comments will NOT be published.

How the mighty have fallen:
The War' - Then And Now
Defending Liberty: Ken Burns' PBS series is enthralling millions by illustrating America's sacrifices during World War II. Too few today realize that just as much is at stake as we fight terrorists in the Middle East and globally. READ MORE
Once upon a time, our national leaders knew how to rally the population towards a patriotic goal...victory. Yes, there were the malcontents with socialistic leanings but they were widely ignored and placed in their proper place...obscurity.

Then, politics entered into the equation because they thought they knew better because after all, they were edjumakatid. I suppose had we lost WWI and WWII, the politicos would not have to be too big for their britches.

In WWI and WWII, our nation was able to determine the wickedness of the ways of the enemy. Apparently, not any longer. The nation would "Rather" play with their TIVOs and Nintendos and all manner of instant gratification. The threats we face as a nation both from without and within are masked by the inherent desire to be uninterrupted from our everyday and selfish lives as seen through a glass darkly.

At one time, if one of our citizens was kidnapped by a maniacal dictator, and their head was severed to make a point, the people saddled up and prepared to do battle. Not any more. This kind of patriotism died during the Carter administration and was slighty revived during the Reagan administration. It was completely buried by the likes of the Clintonistra and GWB, God bless him, doesn't have what it takes to rally the nation.

It is up to us in The New Media.

Some of us old salts know the deal and we know the drill.

Time to ruck up and saddle up. We have work to do.
Just thought I would remind people what Patriotism is all about.