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Thursday, March 27, 2008

War News


The "War News" series is comprised of items that the Lame Stream Media cannot make known to the General Public, for the obvious reasons.

101st Airborne


Soldiers Seize 2 Caches, Detain Suspected Terrorist
BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers uncovered two large caches and detained a suspected terrorist in Ghazaliyah Feb. 6.

While patrolling the area, Soldiers with Company B, 1st Battalion, 75th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, came upon the first cache which included 56 60mm mortar rounds, 43 82 mm mortar rounds and 19 120 mm mortar rounds. The Soldiers apprehended a suspected terrorist in connection with the cache find.

The Soldiers called Explosive Ordnance Detachment personnel to destroy the cache.

Additionally, the Soldiers discovered a second cache, consisting of two 105 mm artillery rounds, a 120 mm artillery round, eight 121 mm mortar rounds, four 81 mm mortar rounds, 71 60 mm mortar rounds and 66 rocket-propelled grenade propellants.

This action is part of Multi-National Division - Baghdad offensive operations in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix.


ANA conduct emergency humanitarian mission in Herat
BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Feb. 4, 2008) - The Afghan National Army's 207th Kandak, assisted by Coalition forces, conducted an emergency humanitarian aid mission to Familia village in the Shindand District of Herat Province Jan. 24.

The ANA force responded to Afghan citizens in Herat facing life-threatening winter weather conditions. The ANA supplied hundreds of pounds of rice, beans, shoes, coats and blankets, which was enough to sustain 100 Afghan families through the winter. [...]
UPDATE: Coalition forces kill two terrorists; woman killed
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Feb. 6, 2008) - Numerous media reports have mischaracterized events in Tuesday's operation in Ad Dawr.

While conducting an intelligence-driven operation in pursuit of an al-Qaeda terrorist, Coalition forces approached the target house and, upon attempting entry, were confronted by a man who fired at the soldiers. The ground force returned fire, and the individual continued to fire at Coalition forces through a window, slightly wounding one soldier. The ground force called for the occupants of the house to come out multiple times, but were ignored.

Ground forces then entered the house and cleared the first two rooms without encountering any enemy. As forces entered a third room, an armed man was holding a woman as a human shield and aiming his weapon at the soldiers. Disregarding his personal safety, a soldier was able to push the woman aside and engage and kill the terrorist. [...]
MND-B Soldiers recover large cache (6 FEB)
BAGHDAD (Feb. 6, 2008) - Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers seized a large weapon and bomb making cache in Abu Ghraib, west of the Iraq Capital Feb. 4.

The Soldiers from 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment were conducting search operations in the area as part of an ongoing operation when the unit recovered 13 120 mm mortar rounds, 132 82 mm mortar rounds, 51 60 mm mortar rounds, three cans of 120 mm mortar fuses, 23 boxes of mortar fuses, three mortar sights, 35 82 mm mortar primers, six 60 mm mortar primers, 22 40 mm mortar primers, a 120 mm tube, 130 blasting caps, 30 rifle rocket-propelled grenades, 24 RPG warheads, an RPG sight, two bags of RPG propellant, 12 RPG propellants, four artillery fuses, four anti-personnel mines, two 57 mm rockets, 126 fragmentation grenades, three Russian grenades, 600 yards of detonation cord, a variety of machine guns, seven cell phones, four IED switches, 26 30 mm anti-aircraft rounds and 17 .50 cal rounds. [...]