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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Vagaries of Platitudinal Delinquents


As the blithering fool displays her utter Blame America First platitudes in this video here, the Patriotic Michelle displays what Patriotism is all about in this video here and it is in plain English. I have no idea what language Michelle Obama is babbling in. Platitudes without substance is worthless, is it not? Just one time - just once - I would like for a Leftinistra explain in detail, that which they blather on about. Those of us that have half a brain and buckets of common sense are not led by the emotional overtures of ignorant intellects.

We deal in facts and things tangible. We deal in facts and evidence and if we formulate an opinion, that opinion is based upon known factors, most of the time. If we have an opinion and cannot back it up with anything tangible and cannot substantiate our opinion, we make that known and let people know that. Unlike these people here.

What has Barak Obama accomplished that gives him the bonafides to be the President of the United States? Not throttling his blithering wife doesn't qualify as an accomplishment in this regard. Read MM's piece on the Name One Game and you will see what I mean and, then go read this one as well.

Blue Star Chronicles:
[...] Typical of the LearJet Liberals to whom she was gearing her speech, its not cool to be proud of her country. Its also cool to hang around in their mansions and discuss how horrible the United States is for being an 'empire' and imposing its will on the rest of the world. She knew exactly who she was talking to and she knew what they like to hear. Communism is what they imagine to be the utopia form of government. Never mind its failed in every country that has ever tried it. She is Ivy League educated, after all. She knows exactly what the intellectual elite expect from their politicians. [...]
Amazing, yes?

When the Barak gods whine and complain that the Clintons never explain what they mean, isn't that a little peculiar that it is OK for Michelle O to be totally well as the Barak O is? MM slammed Michelle O with this post and then a Michelle O supporter began the usual troll crap here. So much for the preachers of tolerance from the Leftinistra, eh?

Hopefully, God willing, Keith Milby is correct: Obamamania in decline

If I was an Obamiite with half a brain, I would be wondering what the Blithering Duo are up to.