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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The US State Dept In Dire Need Of Cleansing Out


Some time ago, the US State Dept said that Iran was "helping" in stabilizing Iraq. Knowing what I know about the State Dept and the country leadership of Iran, I knew then that the rhetoric was the typical Wimplomat rhetoric of brain-dead liberals.

If there is one thing that can be the State Dept does best is diplomacy and the one thing that diplomacy does is to delay the inevitable. Just ask Jimmy Carter how diplomacy with Iran works out...if you can get any truth out of him that is.

This past Monday, the World Tribune published the following piece:

How is this "stabilizing" Iraq? And, who are the Iranian leaders trying to stabilize? Historically speaking, what are the desires of the Iranian leadership and why do they lust after the lands of Iraq and Saudi Arabia? Perhaps we need to dismantle the State Dept and put into place some folks that are American Patriots and not Diplomatic Idiots - Wimplomats.
BAGHDAD - Iranian-backed militias are apparently preparing for major strikes against the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, military officials said.

"In just the past week, Iraqi and coalition forces captured 212 weapons caches across Iraq, two of those inside Baghdad, [which have] growing links to Iranian-backed Special Groups," U.S. military spokesman Rear Adm. Gregory Smith said.

Officials said that despite assertions by the State Department, Iran has maintained or increased support to the Special Groups. The organization was deemed a splinter of the Iranian-financed Mahdi Army, led by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada Sadr, Middle East Newsline reported. [...]
This data can be confirmed by Soldiers and Marines in the field.
[...] "What we're seeing is an increase in the use of weapons by Iranian-backed Special Groups," Smith told a briefing on Sunday.

Smith said the number of weapons caches - which included rockets and improvised explosive devices - discovered in January 2008 was the highest in a year. He said the Special Groups, directed by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, were hoarding weapons for strikes against the coalition.

"Many of these caches have been in Iraq for some time now," Smith said. "And through, I guess, the vigilance of both our operations and that of the tips by local citizens, we're uncovering more and more of these caches. What's significant is that there are still attacks occurring daily by Iranian-backed Special Groups against coalition and Iraqi security forces." [...]
As we have heard and seen in recent weeks and months, the CIA Upperlings and State Dept Wimplomats have their own agenda and that agenda is not in favor of the sovereignty of the United States.
[...] FP: So tell us about the underground resistance movement against President Bush.

Timmerman: It certainly comes as no surprise to readers of this page to discover that a segment of the Democrat party never accepted the legitimacy of the 2000 presidential election, and sought in every possible way to delegitimize George W. Bush.

What I discovered, however, was that this political "pay-back" went far beyond the realm of domestic politics, and that legions of "shadow warriors" purposefully burrowed into the bureaucracy with the sole purpose of undermining the president and his policies.

The sabotage was so intense, for example, that CIA officers actually stood by and watched as a key moderate Iraqi cleric was hacked to death in front of their eyes on the steps of a Shiite shrine in Najaf by the pro-Iranian radical, Muqtada al-Sadr, in April 2003. The death of Majid al-Khoie, who was brought back to Iraq by the Bush administration just after the overthrow of Saddam, was a tremendous setback to our efforts to help the Iraqi Shiite community to distance itself from Iran and organize itself around moderate, pro-Western leaders.

For the shadow warriors, the failure of the liberation of Iraq was not "collateral damage." It was the actual goal of their efforts. Within just weeks of the liberation, as I reveal in the book, a retired State Department officer who briefly served in Iraq devised the mantra "Bush lied, people died." The Left has never tired of repeating it. [...]
And the State Dept and the Upperlings of CIA are still sucking in American Air, why? In the field, "we" had a slogan when ever "we" got some "intelligence" data. It wasn't a friendly slogan either and whenever one of these IOs showed up, someone always had a muzzle pointed in their general direction. We imagined that some idiot on the other end of the line was saying to us, "Yeah. That's what we have and we bet YOUR life on our intelligence." Jerks.

Read these:
Soldiers of 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, Task Force Iron, discovered two caches next to each other in Ninewah...
MND-B Soldiers seize munitions northwest of Baghdad
Rockets strike Victory Base Complex, West Rashid
Soldiers Find Large Weapons Cache
Iranian Rocket, Other Munitions Handed Over to Coalition Forces
Cavalry Regiment Seizes Second Weapons Cache in Three Days
Weapon cache found in Babahani area
Iraqi Army, Rakkasans find second large cache in two weeks
Weapons Cache Found Near Jurf as Sakhr
[...] The munitions that were found were new, indicating that there are people in the area still stockpiling weapons. [...]
Gee, I wonder where these weapons are coming from and who it it that is bringing them in...any guesses? There are many more examples of this and most of the weapons found since the Troop Surge have been Iranian made.