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Thursday, March 27, 2008

There Is Another Definition of Asshat


And, that definition is Gloria Steinem. She is a Hillary surrogate and political hack on top of being a Feminazi. She is happy that Hillary isn't trained in how to kill anyone and she also seems to believe that John McCain's POW status has nothing to do with anything.


Two sources; The New York Observer and ABC's Political Punch.

[...] "Suppose John McCain had been Joan McCain and Joan McCain had got captured, shot down and been a POW for eight years?" Steinem asked, suggesting the media would ask "What did you do wrong to get captured? What terrible things did you do while you were there as a captive for eight years?" ...

Referring to his time in captivity, Steinem said, with bewilderment, "I mean, hello? This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don't think so."
NY Observer:
[...] "I am so grateful that she [Clinton] hasn't been trained to kill anybody. And she probably didn't even play war games as a kid. It's a great relief from Bush in his jump suit and from Kerry saluting."

To the Observer, Steinem insisted that "from George Washington to Jack Kennedy and PT-109 we have behaved as if killing people is a qualification for ruling people." [...]

Clueless. An idiot that couldn't tell you what Patriotism is if its worthless life depended on it.