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Thursday, March 27, 2008

On The Bombing of The NYC Recruiting Station


The NYT reports that the authorities have recovered the bomber's bicycle "found in or near trash receptacles at Madison Avenue and 38th Street on Thursday morning". It is said that the transport vehicle is in good what and what does that have to do with anything? Maybe they can get finger prints off of it and perhaps not.

In previous posts here and here, we brought to our readers the breaking story and the follow up post at Fox News asking readers to comment their thoughts directed towards the bomber or bombers. So far, there are 137 replies to the Fox News post here and there are more coming. In the hours following the initial reports of the bombing of the United States Armed Forces Recruitment Station in Times Square, there have been two developing stories.

One story was the mysterious letters delivered to Congressional Democrats (interesting gesture) and a story surfacing at the Canadian border. It is now said that there is no link to the mystery letters to the bombing but I am not buying that one. Just because a man in LA was questioned and no evidence was noted doesn't mean there is no link. I don't believe in coincidences. It is also said that there is no link because the bombings are similar to other bombing in NYC in times past. Sorry, I am not buying that one either. Donald Douglas at American Power says that the "conclusion" seems to a clinical one and I am sure he was being too graceful.

When Congressional leaders get envelopes stuffed with Anarchists data; when Anarchists are cheering the bombing; when Anarchists flee Canadian Authorities and the stuff they left behind were Anarchist's stuff, I find it disingenuous for someone to urinate down my back and tell me that it is raining.

I do take note of the Anarchists of the NYC-IMC in the comments section of their take on the bombing. But first, the last entry in the post is curiously retarded...such are Anarchists...
[...] Unlike the bombs the US Armed Forces drops on brown people around the world, this bomb hurt no one. It just makes our Keystone Kops and the "FBI New York Joint Terrorism Task Force" look silly, incompetent and impotent. The boys in blue will be scratching their heads and downing their donuts trying to crack this caper for some time to come I'm sure. [END]
Brown people? Is this a racist statement? What if a Republican said this? These idiots are a menace to society and need to be rounded up and corralled at Alcatraz where they can only hurt each other. The mental midgets seem to think that the bomb didn't hurt anyone is OK. Excuse me "mister" moron Anarchist dweeb, a BOMB was set off IN PUBLIC with vehicles and pedestrians roaming about and for the Grace of God, no people were physically damaged but the damage is to the Nation and her people as a whole that has been damaged by cowardly acts of mental midgets such as what Anarchists are.

And now, for the one of the MOST retarded comments I have seen, read and heard in a long time...(found in the comments section of the above linked post)
[...] I agree, property distruction is not violence, but please if you are going to destroy I just hope your doing more then traveling around the country in box cars. Community devopment needs good heads. We need people working with youth and creating sustainable co-ops to do it - transience doesn't help. Prostesting doesn't help. [...]
Note the is a clue. Also note the "property destruction is not violence statement". Also note the "protesting doesn't help" statement. And, there we have it. It is no longer a "peace movement". These people are morons.

As for the Canadian story, it seems the lame Stream is curiously silent.


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