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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BREAKING: Venezuelan Forces Enter Into Columbia...Shots Fired


Fox News is reporting that military components of the Venezuelan government have entered into Columbia and have clashed with Colombian military components...

Stand by for updates...

[UPDATE #1] the following may have what caused the Venezuelan forces to enter into Columbia because it has been shown in recent days that Hugo Chavez has been financing and supporting FARC operations in Columbia...
News from Colombia keeps coming. This afternoon Colombian security killed Ivan Rios, another member of the FARC Estado Mayor Central (Central High Command.) This is the body that governs the organization. Raul Reyes, one of its members was killed last week, touching off a diplomatic spat. This latest strike took place within Colombian territory. [...]
There are no news outlets reporting this in print media yet...


AP via Yahoo! News:
BOGOTA, Colombia - A top rebel leader was killed by his own chief of security, who gave Colombia troops the leader's severed hand as proof, the defense minister said Friday.

Ivan Rios was the second top rebel killed in a week, a major blow to the FARC, Colombia's largest guerrilla force.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - Colombian security forces carrying out an arrest warrant Friday for a rebel leader killed a man in a shootout and were trying to confirm his identity, an official in the chief prosecutor's office said Friday.

The raid targeted Ivan Rios, a member of the FARC guerrillas' ruling junta. If he is confirmed dead, he would be the second member of the ruling secretariat of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to be killed in a week.

That would be a huge blow to Latin America's oldest and strongest insurgency, shaken by the death Saturday of spokesman Raul Reyes. He was killed in a cross-border raid in Ecuador that has set off an international diplomatic crisis. [...]

There is still no print media on the military clashes between Venezuelan and Columbian forces...


Gateway Pundit...
President Uribe of Colombia publically shamed Ecuadorean Leader Rafael Correa at a summit today in Santo Domingo for taking cash from FARC terrorists.

Correa walked out.

Uribe waited for him to return to continue.

Uribe then read from a captured FARC letter:
Mr Uribe said Reyes had written to Farc leader Manuel Marulanda saying: "We wait for the visit of the Ecuadoran security minister and he has greetings from President Correa to commander Marulanda."
It made for good TV... [...] (Read the rest)
Still looking for the other data


Fox News just broke in again and said the crisis was over at the border. Apparently, the Venezuelan cops were in hot pursuit of a "criminal" in a vehicle and crossed the border. The Colombians responded and exchanged gunfire and chased the cops back across the border. It isn't clear if the "crook" got away.


The BBC says the crisis is over...