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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama and Che Guacamole? UPDATED


Whereas Barak Obama may or may not know that his HQ in Houston Texas has a Cuban Flag with the murdering communist thug Che's picture hanging next the the American Flag, his mantra, dogma, tenet and rhetoric is all too familiar of the Workers' Party platform.

Ed Morrissey:

[...] Does Obama know his Houston supporters honor a terrorist in his campaign office? I'm sure he doesn't. However, it would behoove him to ensure that the flag gets taken down and that he renounces any affinity for Che and the Fidel Castro regime. [...]
Don't plan on that Ed. Michelle Malkin has an interesting post up as well and therein, she places the "how to" for obtaining Che Guacamole propaganda. The Babalu Blog thinks the affair is disgusting, to say the least. In our earlier post on this subject from yesterday, we mentioned LGF as the Hat Tip and here is what they have to say: (emphasis added)
[...] Facts: Barack Obama did explicitly refuse to wear a flag pin, and there are not one, but two Cuban flags with Che Guevara on them at Obama's Houston campaign office. If I'm "insinuating" anything, it's this: when you actively pander to and encourage the radical leftist elements of your party, as the Democrats have been determinedly doing for the past eight years, you're going to end up with embarrassing scenes like this. And attacking the messenger who points it out is standard political damage control. [...]
AMEN!! Like I said last night on the JPA BTR show, should Barak Obama manage to make it to the White House, I, Snooper, will not recognize his authority in any circumstance on any subject or any policy.

This is an outrage to this DAV and I did NOT fight for this country just to have idiots in this country give it away to socialist, fascist and communist elements among us.

Our troops fighting in this current war, are not fighting to give this country away to the socialist, fascist and communist elements among us.

Freedom of Speech is OK fine but the active pursuit of negating our Constitution and the FREEDOMS we all enjoy is tantamount to a declaration of war on the United States of America. These are the "enemies within" of which ALL service members swore the oath to protect against foreign AND domestic enemies. These are a Clear and Present Danger to America and will not be tolerated any longer.

Arise ye Patriots and FIGHT!

Obama, as of yet, has NOT renounced or denounced Che Guacamole nor has he instructed the Houston office to remove the inflammatory displays of communist ideologues. It is obvious to THIS Texican that the idiots in the above photo are not familiar with the Texan Patriot long and ancient saying: "Git a rope."

This SHOULD be one of MANY Red Flags of Warnings to True American Patriots to arise and defeat these fools in the voting booths across America and to urge them to get involved and regain Conservative control of our government.

The alternative will be ugly.


Barak Obama has responded...
"The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign."
THAT'S IT? Kind of lame there, Skippy! This is quite revealing. In other places across the internet, people are saying that this isn't an issue because "they are volunteers". That kind of garbage reminds me of the Faux Paul supporters.
[...] That's some pretty weak tea.

Note that the video also says very explicitly: "Volunteers opened two new Houston offices for the Barack Obama campaign. Paid staffers for the Obama campaign are expected to man the offices by the end of the week."

A very interesting sidenote to this flap: in both of the videos linked here, the Fox 26 announcers don't even notice the Cuban flags with huge pictures of Che Guevara, staring them in the face.
Wake up people! Weak tea indeed.

Hat tip to Jimmy Z for breaking this on ANO last night.