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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Jihadi Tet Is Coming...So Shut Up


Many moons ago, way back in November of 2007, Ace of Spades published a piece The Coming Tet.
The long-anticipated insurgent/jihadi Tet is coming. It must come. Al Qaeda and their bloody-minded "nationalist" allies aren't going to give up the war without a last ditch attempt to break the American spirit.

They know all about Tet. They've attempted Tets in the past. And a Tet is their last remaining hope.

So there will be a Tet. And the media will be filled with stories about it, deeming the new offensive a true "trend" which hardly needs confirmation by repetition and duration, and a complete vindication of Harry Reid's "The war is lost" unilateral declaration of surrender. All of this is as inevitable and predictable as the chiming of Big Ben.

It's the only play that makes sense for them. If they've delayed it this long, it's only because they're having trouble arranging a big coordinated series of bombings with the US military and even Iraqi forces harrying them at every turn, and probably because they want the attack to have maximum impact -- and maximum impact requires maximum disappointment. It requires the US public finally beginning to think that maybe this war can be won, or perhaps even is won -- and for once, perhaps, the MSM is inadvertently thwarting Al Qaeda's propaganda goals by not reporting on the recent turn towards victory in Iraq, thus denying the jihadis the circumstances of hope and optimism which is necessary for their Tet to work. [...]
Read the is an eye opener but, then again, we have been saying this as well...

Whereas we ARE wining in Iraq, General Petraeus has also warned that too much "winning" stuff can do more harm than good. The War In Iraq is NOT over until the War In Iraq is over. Like Ace said, perhaps the MSM has accidentally given the hope of the Jihadis a bad turn by NOT reporting all of the Good News. I haven't given that much thought and I haven't really posted on this subject because of the words of General Petraeus and other military leaders said pretty much the same thing and it has been all over the blogosphere.

Methinks some folks think that the war is pretty much done. I have said many times that the AQ leaders have pretty much given up the fight and moved on to Pakistan but left behind forces to distract and annoy. Certainly the AQ in Pakistan has increased a great deal but AQ is still in Iraq. I decided to post on this tonight because I ran across this gem from The Captain's Journal:
Iraqi Jihadis Analyze Coalition Strategy

If anyone has stated that the Jihadis are dumb and stupid are dumb and stupid themselves.
Pretext and Thesis

Abdul Hameed Bakier of The Jamestown Foundation gives us an interesting review of Iraqi jihadis and their analysis of the surge and security plan in Iraq. The analysis is posted over jihadi web sites and forums from multiple individuals, but the focus of the analysis is what they find to be three strategic phases. [...] read the rest.
Go on over there and truly study that which is published. Hang onto your britches...our troops would appreciate it if we would restrain from declaring total victory and giving the impression that the war is over. In case you haven't noticed, it isn't over yet and the fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan has heated up since just before Christmas.

Pay attention.


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