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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Jihadi Dirty Bomb Will Be Of Pakistani Origin


From Jihad Watch:
A turmoil-hit Pakistan may stress that fears about its nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of Islamic extremists are "totally unfounded and nonsense".

But the scare is not so much about the safety of the actual nuclear weapons or warheads, as about radicals getting access to enriched uranium, nuclear components and know-how.

"Attempts by Al-Qaida to acquire dirty bombs are quite well-established," said a senior official, who in the past has been linked with India's nuclear weapon programme.

Jihadi outfits armed with 'dirty bombs' -- basically radiological dispersal devices combining radioactive material with suitable explosives -- are what 'nightmare scenarios' are often made up of. [...] (Read the rest)

Since AQ has pretty much given up the fight in Iraq except for leaving behind the "cover the withdrawal forces" and moved on to Pakistan, it is time to act in Pakistan.

Pat Dollard