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Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Redstate calls it I-DAY!!

All eyes are looking towards Iowa! Why is that? And, who decided it and when? What's the mystery behind the Caucii across the country? At any rate:
[...] For over a year, there have been speeches, debates, polls, spin, prognosticating, spin, gladhanding, media coverage, and more spin. Today, for the first time in this year's election, votes that matter will be cast and counted. [...]
NY Sun:
[...] For Senator Clinton, second choice matters. One of the former first lady's top obstacles heading into tonight's Iowa caucuses could be the peculiar nature of the vote itself, in which supporters of a candidate who fails to reach a 15% threshold in each precinct must turn to another contender. [...]
And that will make Czarina furious, won't it?

NY Sun:
Iowa Republicans will caucus this evening in the wake of a startling turnaround in the electoral fortunes of John McCain. A new poll from Pew Research places the Arizona senator, whose chances have been written off repeatedly in the last 12 months, as the national Republican front-runner for the first time in a year. [...]
Methinks folks are starting to wake up and realize just how important the November elections are going to be for the very survival of this country as a Federal Republic on which it was formed and intended to remain.

Somewhere down the line, like in FDR's Raw Deal Socialist Hay Day Era, something went awry and we need to fix this before the die-hard Socialist Democrats and Socialist Republicans screw it up but good.

The NY Sun is all over this stuff:
[...] Looking buoyant and rejuvenated by new polls showing him atop the Republican presidential field, Senator McCain of Arizona returned to Iowa yesterday to see if he can pull out a respectable showing in a state his campaign had all but written off. "We are now obviously down to the wire," Mr. McCain said, moments after a supporter, Senator Brownback of Kansas, announced the news about the recent surveys. [...]
OH! The agony of it all! (cutesy outtakes from the Presidential Aspirants...damn joke) What a freak show this has turned into.

Front Page Magazine:
With the primary and caucus season finally - and mercifully - upon us, an intriguing picture is coming into focus, one that will either continue a recent pattern or return us to an earlier period in American history.

On the Democratic side, the polls show a trio of senators - Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards - leading nationally or in early-voting states. Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd and Governor Bill Richardson trail not-so-close behind.

On the Republican side, the polls paint a very different picture. Two governors and a mayor - Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani - lead a pack of senators and congressmen. [...]
LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS! OH! MY!! I am way past being underwhelmed by the laughing stock political sideshow. All we need now is for the Bearded Lady to show up and spit flames and watching her beard flame out. Is 2008 over yet?

Naturally, we can always ask Aunt Sophie...I am not sure about reposting rules at FPM so you will have to go there and take the test as to which political slant you bend with. It just might surprise you.
Dear Aunt Sophie,

I always vote in primaries but this year I'm having a terrible time deciding whom to vote for. I've registered as a Democrat, but I think I'm more of an independent since I don't hate right-wingers all that much. How can I figure out how to vote?

Uncommitted unaffiliated non-ideological free thinker

Dear Thinker,

For some reason, Aunt Sophie has been deluged with letters like yours lately. Since she is unable to respond to so many requests individually she has devised this questionnaire to help independents like yourself with the arduous task of making up their minds.

Good luck and God bless.

Answer each question (1) Strongly agree (2) Agree somewhat or (3) Could be persuaded to agree [...] (I wish I had thought of this)
NYPost: "EYES ON IOWA: WHAT THEY NEED"...a brief synopsis of what is what and all that.

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