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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duncan Hunter: A Job Well Done


Seeing that the Lame Stream Media and other socialists in this country were deathly afraid of him, he did not get the appropriate exposure that he deserved. The idiot Ronniev Pauliev got more attention because he is an escapee from the local Fruit Loop Farm and was at the very best entertaining.

Duncan Hunter has bowed out of the Presidential Race and I hope and pray that Fred soldiers on and gets the Big RNC Nod and takes Duncan Hunter with him to the White House. has a very nice tribute to Rep Duncan Hunter.

Thank you, Duncan Hunter; Update: Full statement added

Perhaps Duncan will take the job of the Big G away from RINO Ahnold...??

Rep. Duncan Hunter bowed out of the GOP presidential race tonight. Here's the annnouncement. And here's more.

He brought substance, experience, integrity, and a commitment to the nation's sovereignty and strong defense to the table.

Thank you, Rep. Hunter.

Remember his motto: "Don't whine. Keep working."