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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BREAKING: Fred Withdraws!


From Scrappleface:

(2008-01-14) - Republican Fred Thompson announced today he has pulled out of the race to set pre-primary expectations through media-driven political polling.

Former Sen. Thompson said he's committed to winning the Republican nomination for president, and then the White House, but would no longer allow his name to stand in public opinion polls funded by newspapers and cable news outlets.
"The mainstream media shape public opinion about the candidates through their decidedly-liberal news coverage," said Mr. Thompson, "and then they turn around and ask people what they think of those candidates. Well, if you feed slop to a pig, what do you think you're going to shovel up later?"
The attorney who has also starred in movies and TV's "Law & Order", asked, "Do we really want The New York Times and the Washington Post to tell the Republican party whom we ought to pick to run against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?"

Mr. Thompson added, "If you polled the San Diego Chargers, before the AFC title game, do you think they'd choose Tom Brady to quarterback the Patriots?"