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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BREAKING: Fred Raises $1,019,593 Since The SC Debate


My apologies goes out to my friend Hawk at Wake Up America blog for posting the satire piece on Fred Thompson. I hope your blood pressure is down to acceptable levels. Hawk's email to be was interesting and I enclose it below with all due anonymity before we get into the Good News from the Fred Camp...Fred ain't done yet so put those forks away...before I sick Hawk on yas...
Ok, heart attack crisis is over now that I've gotten past the reference line. Who do I shoot, now, for nearly sending me over the
Sorry, Hawk.

Now, for the Good News! Via email earlier today, I have received the following:
Because of your generosity we are $29,711 away from reaching our $1 million goal. Some FredHeads on the blog thought of a great way to make sure we meet our mark. At 10:00 local time give $10 to Fred's campaign.

If 2971 FredHeads give only $10 we will reach this important milestone and give Fred the resources to continue spreading his consistent conservative message in South Carolina, Florida, and across the Super Tuesday states.

So when 10:00 comes around add $10 to the red truck. You will have done your part to meet our $1 million goal and help Fred win the Republican nomination.

Please help Fred out--and thank you!



William B. Lacy
Campaign Manager

Blast over to the site and check the $$$$$$$ PILING in! Now sitting at $1,019,593 since the South Carolina Debate.

Keep the Little Red Truck going folks! It is the best chance we have to help our veterans and keep our nation safe. Hopefully, Fred will choose Duncan Hunter as his running mate and the libtards will move OUT if the USA like they said they were going to do if GWB got elected and then re-elected.

Let's help them leave the country that they hate so much, shall we?

$10 at 10 is going on now...DIG DEEP you country bumpkins and rebels! Take a stand! Surely you can dig that deep to keep the likes of Liberal Republicans and Socialist Democrats OUT of the White House!