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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Nail Into the Leftinistra's Coffin


MSLSD: Iraq seeks sharp reduction in U.S. military role

BAGHDAD - The United States and Iraq will soon begin negotiating a power shift for U.S. forces, nearly five years after they invaded Iraq and installed a new government, Iraqi and U.S. officials told NBC News on Thursday.

Both countries are working on assembling negotiating teams to shape a new long-term bilateral strategic agreement redefining the fundamental role of U.S. troops, whose mission would shift from combat operations to logistics and support, the officials told NBC News' Richard Engel.

President Bush did not address the report at an economic briefing for reporters Thursday afternoon in Washington, but Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, confirmed that negotiations would begin soon. Petraeus would not provide details, but he said the U.S. role in Iraq would be changing. [...]
This will essentially change the landscape of the 2008 Election Dogma of ignoring the War In Iraq. This will also accentuate the Imminent Victory in the War In Iraq. This will absolutely crush the anti-Americanist crowds including the current Presidential Aspirant Field...The Troop Surge has worked, period, dot com.

It has been said by other commanders that the Iraqi Military had teeth but had no tail. Perhaps there has been a turning point that we don't know about but, who cares? The Iraqi government WANTS to have a more in-depth involvement in their own systematic destruction of their own enemies within and I say go for it.


American bases and Troops would still be in theater but in a supporting or back-up role. This is a good thing and correlates with what our personal Screamin' Eagle told us when he was home on leave for New Years'.

This folks is Good News. Now, we can quit squabbling with the Anti-Americanists and shut them up and down for good. However, a long-term presence of American Forces will be a bone of contention for these pathetic doldrummed (new word) idiots but that is to be expected.

Those that declared that the war was lost can now STFU and STFD! Mr Reid?

Over to you.