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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Fraud Veteran...Hosted By Islamotards


Chicken Hawk Express has come across this video hosted at an Islamotard website...go figure.
I took up Denis' challenge to be the first to find the IVAW video in the post below on one of the jihadi websites and ended up with another urgent project... [...]

[...] We need to find out who these guys are and find out if this is another Jesse MacBeth. If he is truly a member of the military, he needs to be turned over to the authorities. Spread the word and let's nail these a-holes... [...]
Be forewarned...the language and content is not conducive to rational conversation.

It is an alleged "former" military type bragging how he raped under-age girls at Abu Ghraib.

The Jihadi Islamotard YouTube page is here.

Chad from Grizzly Groundswell sent out the email alerts to help debunk this. It is self-debunking in that the YouTube site is a Jihadi Troll site. Case closed.

I have sent the site to The Jawa Report.

The Jawa Report shreds this fraud veteran to shreds.