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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Were 200 Michigan Marine Reservists Kicked Out Of Toledo? UPDATED


Something is in the Mayoral water supply. Hat Tip to Right Voices via Trackback...

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here? We need to put a "watch this one closely" alert.

GRAND RAPIDS -- Marines reservists from Grand Rapids were forced to cut short their training exercise in Toledo Friday.

The Company A 1st Battalion 24th Marines were conducting an urban warfare exercise at the Madison Building and Promenade Park. Then someone from the mayor's office told the 200 Marines that the training area was no longer available and to leave the city.

The group was supposed to continue the training on Saturday as well.

So Alpha Company packed up its gear and headed back to Michigan without a reason for the departure.

24 Hour News 8 was at their base in Grand Rapids when five busloads of reservists returned around 9 p.m.

Such training sessions have been held in Toledo before. But this latest issue could be addressed in Washington, D.C.

Alpha Company will resume the training sessions in West Michigan but plans have not been finalized yet.
That is one leg of this one.

City Forces Marines Withdrawal
Sources say Mayor Finkbeiner told Marines to leave

FOX Toledo News has learned a City of Toledo official has told Company A, 1st Battalion 24th Marines reservists of Grand Rapids, Mich., who were conducting an urban warfare exercise Friday in Downtown Toledo, to leave.

The Toledo Police Department has confirmed that the weekend military exercise, conducted by a weapons company detachment from Grand Rapids, Mich., in Toledo's downtown streets, has been cancelled.

Police tell FOX Toledo News that an unnamed city official told the Marines to pack up what they were doing and leave the city.

Two sources tell FOX Toledo News that Mayor Carty Finkbeiner made the decision. Brian Schwartz, the mayor's spokesperson, had no comment.

Major Dan Whisnant, an officer with the reserve unit conducting the exercise downtown, confirms it was the Office of the Mayor of Toledo who told the Marines to stop and leave the city. [...]
That was the second leg. Apparently, the Mayor has issues and it could very well be that his meds are in need of adjustment.

[...] Meanwhile, News 11 spoke with several city council members Tuesday -- Frank Szollosi, Michael Ashford, Mike Craig, and Rob Ludeman -- all of whom expressed concern that Mayor Finkbeiner is returning to the behavior that made him controversial in the past. [...]
Apparently, the Marines cause Mayors to self-implode.

[UPDATES] these folks are now beginning to catch up with ANO!

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