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Thursday, March 27, 2008

War News


The "War News" series is comprised of items that the Lame Stream Media cannot make known to the General Public, for the obvious reasons.

101st Airborne


Suspected Special Groups Criminal Cell Leader Arrested in Hurriya
Multi-National Division - Baghdad Public Affairs Office

BAGHDAD - Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers captured a suspected special group criminal cell leader in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Hurriya, Feb. 10.

Soldiers with Company A, 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), MND-B, detained the alleged cell leader during a raid in Hurriya.

The cell leader is believed to have been involved in improvised-explosive device and small-arms attacks aimed at coalition and Iraqi security forces.

The suspect was taken to a coalition forces detention facility for further questioning.

This action is part of Multi-National Division - Baghdad offensive operation in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix. [END]
Coalition Forces Kill 4 Terrorists, Detain 8 in Iraq
WASHINGTON - Coalition forces killed four terrorists and detained eight suspects in operations yesterday and today in central and northern Iraq, military officials reported.

Coalition forces conducted an operation today in Baqubah, targeting an alleged associate of an improvised explosive device cell leader operating in the region and of an IED facilitator who was killed during an operation Feb. 8. Coalition forces killed two terrorists during the operation. [...]
MND-B Soldiers Detain 5 Suspected Terrorists
Multi-National Division - Baghdad PAO

BAGHDAD - Multi-national Division - Baghdad soldiers detained five suspected terrorists in southern Ghazaliyah Feb. 11.

While conducting a cordon and search, soldiers with Troop A, 1st Squadron, 75th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), detained the suspected terrorists.

The suspects are believed to be a part of an improvised-explosive device cell in the area.

The suspects were taken to a coalition forces detention facility for further questioning.

This action is part of Multi-national Division - Baghdad offensive operation in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix. [END]
Valentine's Day Finds Soldiers Investing in More Than Flowers
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division

PATROL BASE YUSIFIYAH, Iraq - Being away doesn't mean Soldiers can't stay close to loved ones at home.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Rakkasans at Patrol Base Yusifiyah are coming up with ways to show those at home how much they care.

Spc. Adam Wahl, assistant armorer and gunner for Company C, 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), has been married less than one year. He said keeping a close relationship with his wife, Jacquelyn, costs a lot, but it's a price he is more than willing to pay. [...]
4-9 Manchus 'Stryke' Enemy With 101st's Bastogne Brigade
BAYJI, Iraq - Sand, dust and enemy scatter as the lethal, wheeled vehicles of 4-9 Infantry Battalion "Manchus" maneuver through the fluid terrain of northern Salah ad Din province in February with a few months left before their redeployment.

After serving with their parent brigade, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, the Manchus are now fighting extremists with the 1st Brigade Combat Team "Bastogne", 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). [...]


Operation TUNDRA: one image
4-9 Manchus 'Stryke' Enemy With 101st's Bastogne Brigade: four images
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Valentine's Day Finds Soldiers Investing in More Than Flowers: two images
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Large cache discovered in southern Arab Jabour
FORWARD OPERATING BASE KALSU, Iraq (Feb. 11, 2008) - A local citizen led coalition forces conducting a foot patrol near the village of Minori in southern Arab Jabour to a large weapons cache, Feb. 8.

The cache, recovered by Soldiers from Troop B, 5th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, consisted of 59 rocket-propelled grenades, eight rockets, 128 propellant charges, 32 ammunition canisters with a variety of rounds and five 57 mm mortar illumination rounds. [...]
Airmen deliver school supplies, soccer balls to Safwan school
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Feb. 12, 2008) - Students at Safwan school, near Umm Qasr, recently received a gift of supplies and athletic equipment from Coalition troops. [...]
CJTF-HOA welcomes new commander
CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti (Feb. 8, 2008) - Fair winds and warm weather prevailed as the commander of U.S. Central Command passed the colors of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa from its outgoing commander to its incoming commander during a change-of-command ceremony held here Feb. 8.

Rear Adm. Phillip Greene, commander, CJTF-HOA, assumed command of the task force from Rear Adm. James Hart, who will be retiring from military service and taking a Senior Executive Service position within U.S. Africa Command. [...]
Iraqi leaders, Coalition troops resettle families
BAGHDAD (Feb. 9, 2008) - Prominent civilian leaders in southern Baghdad's Rashid District, with the help of Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers, began the process of moving 200 displaced families back into their homes Feb. 9.

Members of the Saydiyah Neighborhood Council, along with Soldiers from 4th Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment, 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, attached to Multi-National Division - Baghdad's Task Force Dragon, began accepting paperwork to verify that families moving back were legal residents of the area. [...]
Recruits graduate from Camp Fiji IP Academy
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Feb. 8, 2008) - More than 490 Iraqis demonstrated their readiness and willingness to protect and serve their fellow Iraqis as they graduated from the Camp Fiji Iraqi Police Training Facility in Baghdad Feb. 2.

Of the graduates, more than 260 are slated to patrol through the Mansour District of Baghdad, in Ameriyah, Adil, Khadra and Jamia.

Airmen from the 887th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga., delivered supplies to the students. The supplies included paper, coloring books, pencils, crayons and hand-sewn book bags, as well as a dozen soccer balls. Many of the materials were donated by Girl Scout Troop 76 from Cornwall, N.Y. [...]
More jobs available at brick factory
BAGHDAD (Feb. 7. 2008) - A job boom is in the works at the Narhwan Brick Factory Complex.

A reported 3,500 new jobs are anticipated in the weeks ahead.

Thanks to the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, enough heavy fuel oil is now flowing to power kilns in more than 120 factories throughout the Narhwan industrial region. [...]
ISF, MND-B Soldiers deliver school supplies
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Feb. 7, 2008) - Baghdad Soldiers partnered with Iraqi Security Forces distributed supplies to al Esha'a school of Saydiyah, in southern Baghdad, Feb. 4.

Policemen from the 1st Battalion, 5th Brigade, 2nd Iraqi National Police Division, delivered tables, chairs, book cases, a couch and backpacks for the students. [...]
Coalition forces disrupt Special Groups criminal networks, detain two
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Feb. 12, 2008) - Coalition forces detained two suspected Special Groups criminals early today during operations in the Suwayrah area, south of Baghdad.

Coalition forces were targeting an individual who reportedly facilitated paramilitary training for Special Groups members in preparation for attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces. Reports also indicate he was an associate of several senior-level criminal element leaders involved in attacks on Iraqi and Coalition forces. [...]
Salman Pak leaders work to revitalize hospital
FOB HAMMER, Iraq (Feb. 7, 2008) - Work is under way in Salman Pak to revitalize a hospital which has not been fully operational for about five years.

On Feb. 4, Soldiers and leaders from 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, and Team 915 of Company A, 489th Civil Affairs Battalion, from Knoxville, Tenn., currently attached to 1-15 Inf. Regt., visited the hospital. [...]