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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

War News


101st Airborne News

Video: CODEL Davis Visit
B-roll of Rep. Marsha Blackburn visiting troops. Scenes include Rep. Blackburn talking with Soldiers and passing out her business cards.
Video: 101st Airborne Soldiers Receive Special Decoration
Video: Operation Dolphins II Air Assault
Video: Staff Sgt. Day, Sgt. 1st Class Martin

Partnership Brings Hope to a New Year: Volunteers Team Up With National Police
BAGHDAD -- A promising new year comes to the Khadra neighborhood in northwest Baghdad, as the partnership between Khadra's Concerned Local Citizens and the 1st Battalion, 6th Brigade, 2nd Iraqi National Police Division continues to grow. [...]
Rakkasans Uncover VBIED Factory
CAMP STRIKER, Iraq - A routine gathering with local leaders resulted in the discovery of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device factory near Hamid Shaban, Jan. 13.

Acting on a tip from an attendee at the meeting, Rakkasan Soldiers from Troop A, 1st Squadron, 33rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), acted quickly and found what appeared to be a makeshift VBIED workshop about a mile away from the gathering. [...]
Screaming Eagle Artillery Fires Most Rounds Since 2003
Al Jazeera Desert, Iraq - "Screaming Eagle" Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, took part in a combined arms counter-insurgency mission, dubbed "Operation Fulton Harvest," Jan. 11 through Jan. 13, to pacify the restive area outside of Samarra, Iraq. [...]
Operation Phantom Phoenix Denies Sanctuary to Al-Qaida
WASHINGTON - Soldiers supporting Operation Phantom Phoenix, a series of division-and brigade-level strikes against al-Qaida and other extremists in Iraq, continue to disrupt terrorist safe havens and bases throughout the country, military officials reported.

Multi-National Division - Center soldiers, in support of Operation Phantom Phoenix, captured 15 suspected extremists, including a high-value target individual, during an air assault raid 25 miles south of Baghdad Jan. 14, officials said yesterday. [...]
CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq - Webster's Dictionary defines "invertebrate" as lacking in strength or vitality or as an animal without a backbone. The Army defines the Non-commissioned Officer Corps as the backbone of the Army and without it, the organization would resemble a jellyfish. [...]
Armored Ambulance Newest Addition to MRAP Family
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - Although attacks in Iraq have decreased significantly over the past six months, the Department of Defense has remained steadfast in improving the protection and capabilities of military vehicles in Iraq and keeping Soldiers' safety the top priority. [...]
Mirror Therapy Shows Promise in Amputee Treatment
WASHINGTON - When Army Sgt. Nicholas Paupore puts a mirror between his legs and looks down, he's whole again. The right leg that was destroyed when an explosively formed penetrator ripped through his Humvee just south of Kirkuk, Iraq, suddenly reappears before his eyes, reflecting the left leg that remains. [...]
Coordinated Medical Engagement a Success in Abu Farris
AMP STRIKER, Iraq - Gloomy weather did not deter Iraqi doctors, Iraqi army medics and coalition forces from holding a coordinated medical engagement in Abu Farris, Iraq, Jan. 12.

A total of 665 citizens from four tribes in the surrounding area were treated for medical and dental issues at the CME. Coalition forces supervised the event, which was run by the IA with seven teams of Iraqi doctors. [...]
Reconstruction Continues in Baghdad: Local Business Owners Receive Micro Grants
JOINT SECURITY STATION KHADRA, Iraq -- As security in Baghdad continues to improve, Soldiers remain vigilant in their mission to not only protect the Iraqi people, but to provide them financial assistance as well. [...]
Woman Making a Difference in Balad, Giving Hope to Those Suffering From Years of Violence
BALAD, Iraq - Bastogne Soldiers from 1st Squadron, 32nd Cavalry Regiment made the morning of Dec. 22 unlike any other at the Balad Women's Center.

The Bandit Soldiers arrived with a truckload full of computers, sewing machines and furniture, which were donated to the Manar Organization. [...]
Bastogne Soldiers Optimistic About Security in Southern Salah Ad Din Town
AD DUJAYL, Iraq - The future of Iraq depends on the will and determination of its people, and of course, the strength of its Iraqi security forces.

Right now, according to an American Forces Press Service article, there are nearly a half million ISF members, 158,000 Iraqi army soldiers and over 300,000 Iraqi police. [...]
Phantom Phoenix Produces Promising Results in Iraq
WASHINGTON - Multi-national Corps Iraq soldiers and Iraqi forces have discovered scores of weapons and explosives, detained six suspects, and destroyed booby-trapped homes in Iraq this month in coordinated offensives.

Operation Phantom Phoenix, a series of coordinated assaults focused on pursuing al-Qaida and clearing terrorist safe havens, is the latest in a series of combat operations. [...]
Sensors May Lead to Faster Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries
WASHINGTON - While it still may be years away, military medical officials hope to one day place a sensor on every troop that would measure a blast's impact and alert a combat medic to the possibility of a brain injury.

The latest fielding of helmets fitted with blast sensors to troops deploying to combat could be the first step to gathering the data to support that technology, Michael J. Leggieri, Jr., deputy coordinator for DoD's Blast Injury Research Program Coordinating Office, said. [...]
Micro-Grants Help Rebuild Iraq's Economy
WASHINGTON - Small grants to help businesses in Iraq get back on their feet are paying dividends, as the improved security situation has benefited economic recovery, a U.S. official aiding that effort south of Baghdad said.

Lou Lantner, the Mahmudiyah Provincial Reconstruction Team leader, told online journalists and "bloggers" during a Jan. 8 teleconference that over the past nine months, 128 micro-grants have been awarded to help Iraqi citizens start businesses in his PRT's area of responsibility. [...]

Clearing the Perimeter in Al Alam: three images
IA, U.S. Troops on Patrol in Northwest Baghdad: four images
Screaming Eagle Artillery Fires Most Rounds Since 2003: four images
Operation Fulton Harvest: twenty two images
Operation TUNDRA: two images
Backbone: one image
Congressmen Visit Strike Troops: seven images
Activities at Yarmuk Hospital: one image
Patrol Conducted in Samarah, Iraq: nine images
Close Quarters Battle Drills With Iraqi Police Trainees: five images
Search for Jimenez and Fouty: one image
Patrol Through Al Betra: twelve images
Coordinated Medical Engagement a Success in Abu Farris: two images
Bastogne Soldiers Optimistic About Security in South: three images
Planning the Mission: one image
Soldiers Receive Combat Patches: three images
Troops Celebrate Christmas With Dinner, Candlelight...: six images
Gazaliya Sensing Mission: thirteen images