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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Secret Meetings of the Loser Class...FISA


Simply amazing.

The Hill reporting...
Liberal House Democrats are pushing for a closed session to discuss the legal underpinnings of President Bush's intelligence surveillance program.

They believe that the more members know about it, the less likely they will be to support Bush's wish to make it permanent.

"I haven't heard anything in closed session that makes me think we need the Protect America Act," said Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.), an Intelligence Committee member, referring to a White House-backed interim wiretapping bill that lapsed this month. "Or that FISA [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act], with modest modifications, isn't the way to go into the future."

The request for the closed session came in a letter coauthored by Holt and Reps. John Tierney (D-Mass.) and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Holt refused to confirm the letter, but other Democrats say it was brought up at Tuesday's Democratic Caucus meeting.

The three want all members allowed to see documents that outline the administration's legal opinions on the program. So far, only Intelligence and Judiciary Committee members have been allowed to see them. [...]
There is a new spelling for dumb, disingenuous, ignorant and pathetic. It is all neatly wrapped up in a familiar term - D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T.

Only a fool would make the lame claim that monitoring terrorist calls into the US wasn't necessary. From CQ Politics..
House Republicans tried again Tuesday to force a floor vote on Senate-passed legislation to overhaul the nation's electronic surveillance law.

But Democrats stood fast, insisting that negotiations continue between the House and Senate on a compromise version of the legislation.

By 212-198, the House quashed the Republican effort on a procedural vote.

House and Senate Democrats are negotiating over the legislation, but Republicans and the Bush administration are boycotting those talks. Republicans say the House should simply clear the Senate version of the measure instead. The Senate passed that bill Feb. 12 by 68-29.

"Congress needs to act immediately," said Rep. Pete Sessions , R-Texas. He said House Republicans will try every day to bring up the Senate-passed version, which also has the backing of 21 Blue Dog Democrats. [...]
These idgits need to be replaced with those that have a clue of that which we and the world face.

Taking the ACLU Down on Wiretapping
On February 19, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its legal campaign against the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program. According to the Associated Press: "The justices, without comment, turned down an appeal from the American Civil Liberties Union to let it pursue a lawsuit against the program that began shortly after the Sept. 11 terror attacks."

You may recall that Judicial Watch has been intimately involved with this lawsuit from the outset. First, Judicial Watch sparked a media firestorm when it uncovered a potential conflict of interest on the part of the presiding district judge, Anna Diggs Taylor. After carefully inspecting Judge Diggs Taylor's financial disclosure statements, Judicial Watch investigators discovered the judge serves as a Secretary and Trustee for a foundation that donated funds to the ACLU of Michigan, a plaintiff in the case. [...]
So who is in bed with whom? No conflict of interest there, by golly-gee.

U.S. says missed intelligence after spy act expired
U.S. spy agencies have missed intelligence in the days since terrorism surveillance legislation expired, the Bush administration said on Friday, but Democrats accused it of fear mongering and blamed it for any gaps.

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell fired the latest shot in the administration's battle with Congress to obtain new legislation to wiretap terrorism suspects.

The officials told Congress telecommunications firms have been reluctant to cooperate with new wiretaps since six-month temporary legislation expired last weekend.

"We have lost intelligence information this past week as a direct result of the uncertainty created by Congress' failure to act," the two officials told House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes in a letter.

They urged Reyes, a Texas Democrat, to reconsider his opposition to legislation passed last week by the Senate. [...]
San Fran Nann is stuck...she lied to get into power and now to remain in power, she has to risk National Security to pander and cater to her moonbat allies in stupidity. As for "fear mongering", what is it called when the defeatocrats tell their fringe cretins that GWB is listening to their intimate phone calls?

The defeatocrats are truly irrelevant and insignificant seeing that SCOTUS has basically said that the monitoring of terrorist communications is legal. Using the logic of the Leftinistra against them, GWB can do pretty much what he wants to do now so why all the fuss?

Idgit defeatocrats. You cannot connect the dots if you cannot collect them