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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pro Patria Is Pissed!


Apparently, Czarina was in the area of Ryan of Pro Patria recently and she got the bridge collapse all wrong...go figure...
[...] The scumbag politician formerly known as "Hillary" was in my area yesterday. While this would ordinarily mean exactly squat to me, she stepped over that line of common decency and dared to invoke the I35W bridge collapse in her speech.


Had she told the truth as reported by the NTSB, it wouldn't be a big deal; however we know the Senator better than that, and she went the wrong way. She took the "the bridge collapse is due to our neglect..." route, which roughly translates to the "you don't pay enough in taxes to support my ridiculous entitlement programs and bridge maintenance." [...]
Ain't that the truth? We all need to spread this around as well. It is a gem in this same post by Pro Patria, via Ryan...
"Submit to crippling taxes or it will be your fault that people die."
Simply amazing and there are total fools and IDIOTS that will vote for Hillary and Obama because they are dumber than a box of turtle turds.