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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama: Platitudes Of Fraud For Votes


Barack Obama, the would be President, in his quest to be Top Liberal, read that socialist slut, of the Socialist Democrat Party, should really pay more attention to those that are paying more attention to him than he is of his own rhetoric. How many times have we heard the poor cretin dressed in a pretty suit, yet empty, state in a booming voice that when he is elected as President he will immediately "end the war in Iraq"?

Everybody wants to end the war in Iraq. The difference is we want to end it with a win or end it in a defeat? The vast majority of Americans want a win, a victory. It is the only way to curtail the Islamic Menace. The Islamic Menace needs to be defeated or so crippled that they cannot continue on the path they had been on prior to 91101.

There can be no viable dispute of the successes in Iraq and Afghanistan unless, naturally, your name is Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha or other similar and like-minded sycophants of the socialist Leftinistra.

Dr Sanity:
[...] There is no doubt that both Clinton and Obama, for all their talk of "hope" are both heavily invested in misery and failure -- both in their economic philosophy, as well as their desire for immediate (if not sooner) surrender in Iraq.

You would think that people with real "hope" would see the progress in Iraq and the turnabout that has occurred in the hearts and minds of the people there. You would think that people hyping "change" would come up with some ideas and programs that aren't beholden to an ideology that has already failed in country after country, and which has made their economies circle the drain. [...]
That's the problem, Dr Sanity...they don't "think"...they lust for power.

In recent days, we have found out from Obama supporters that even he is not ready for that 0300 hours phone call and that he has no intentions of pulling troops out of Iraq as soon as he has been campaigning on. As I have been saying for seemingly forever, the Leftinistra publicly state such drivel to cater and pander to the enemies within for votes...they cannot win elections without them.

To one crowd, Obama proclaims whatever makes that particular crowd happy. To the next crowd, he says something totally different. Seeing that his attention span is not all that impressive, I would say that his candidacy should be immediately terminated due to lack of "knowing what he's doing". If he is unable to remember what he says from one moment to the next, how, then, can he for one second think he can keep his stories straight as president?