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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Murtha: Granted Immunity To Explain His Lies


How quaint is this? The thug Murtha has been given the OK to further his deplorable career and to lie his bloated head off like his friend Teddy Kennedy all in the name of the Democrat Party business as usual. Didn't Pelosi promise the most ethical Congress in the history of the United States? Just asking.

Thomas More Law Center:
ANN ARBOR, MI - "Military Judge Colonel Stephen Folsom's, USMC, ruling yesterday refusing our request to take the deposition of Congressman John Murtha, D-PA, is the latest indication that it will be impossible for Marine Lt. Colonel Chessani to get a fair trial regarding November 19, 2005, Haditha incident," said Richard Thompson, Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, the Ann Arbor, Michigan based public interest law firm defending Lt. Col. Chessani. [...]
Why is Murtha given a free pass while the rest of the people of the United States would not get away with such libel and slander? So much for Due Process, eh?

Back in November of 2007, Murtha's bullies began their assault on those that supported removing Murtha from his security blanket and expose him for what he is. That is the kind of fool this man is. Just to refresh the old memory, view this video where Murtha is asked about his lies. The video was taken before all the murder charges were dropped on all of the Marines involved.

I wonder if the United States Justice is Department is behind this. (old post)

WND has a pretty concise post on this here.