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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Move America Forward...Slaying Moonbats


In several dispatches for Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward, one can see why they are targets of hate and visceral implosions from the anti-Americanist groups of various colors and stripes...mostly yellow, dingy and cowardly.

First off the MAF Team is back from their trip of support to our Troops in Kuwait and Iraq. They are awaiting their interviews with the news media...I wonder how they will turn out. After a few days or so, after the crew rests up a bit, check in here for the updates and pictures.

It seems as though Cindy The Shameful Scam Media Whore Sheehan was booed and properly put into her place at the Rose Bowl Parade. The wench couldn't even get arrested...poor thing.

As Nancy Pelosi sinks ever lower in the approval realm and that vast and deep Abyss of Obscurity I have written so much about through the last two years, MAF wants to give a pity party to the now defunct and lamest of the lame ducks in the universe SOH. The Silent Majority is silent no more and we are alive and well and shall not be silenced.