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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Move America Forward To Bury Code Pink and BERZERKeley


Move America Forward has requested this data to go out via email so here it is...

We at Move America Forward are proud to release to you this brand-new ad that takes on the Berkeley City Council's campaign against the military.

We're fighting back and want you to see this ad and then pass it on to others. Please email it to others, post to blogs - let's get the word out!! The ad will begin airing nationwide starting this upcoming Monday. Until then Move America Forward will be raising money to buy as much airtime as possible!

Donate to the cause here...or, mail in contributions:
Move America Forward
ATTN: Berkeley Pushback
770 L Street #1400
Sacramento, CA 95812

From Radio Patriot...
Watch for this ad -- it will air nationwide! Marine mom Deborah Johns, Marine Eamon Kelly and Korea Vet John Bringuel, all featured in the ad, will be on hand on Thursday at two news conferences Move America Forward is conducting as the pro-troop organization officially unveils it to the news media.
This ad will keep the heat on the anti-military, anti-American Berkeley City Councilkooks, keep this outrage in the public eye, and help put the brakes on efforts by Code Pink and others to harass the men and women of our military at recruiting centers across the nation.
This ad has the potential to be very effective-but it won't be cheap. Even airtime on local channels costs thousands of dollars, and we can't call George Soros for help. Move America forward is counting on YOU to help them make a splash with this ad, buying a maximum of airtime and really making this ad count in the battle of Berkeley. Please make a contribution today to get this ad seen by all the American people. [...]
Move out and draw fire. Watch the ad here or here or see below...