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Thursday, March 27, 2008

McCain Gets Testy With The Media...UPDATED


Good. And, I might ad, it is bloody well time someone lets the Press Corp that they crap does stink.

Breitbart here.

How come no one moaned and groaned when Hillary put the press in the bathroom?

Congratulations President Elect John Quincy McCain. It is about time someone with some clout put the press in their proper place...under your shoes.


Ed at Hot Air calls Strike Two for the New York Slimes...
[...] I agree with Michelle about learning a lesson in dealing with the mainstream media. Obviously Elizabeth Bumiller wanted to trip his circuits; she pulls out a story in 2004 about the invitation from John Kerry to join his ticket, hoping to get a reaction. She' not looking out for his best interests, quite obviously, but trying to be deliberately provocative. After all, wouldn't that be a question to ask before he had sewn up the nomination? [...]
I commend McCain for zapping the poor excuse of a journalist and continuing the push to expose the media for what it has become...useless, biased and less than honest.

Catch the waves at memeorandum...