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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Letter from a young, hip, cynical former Obamamaniac


It's Not You, It's Me
I know it's kind of lame to break up with you on Valentine's Day. And on the Internet to boot. But it's also kind of ironic. And that's what I need to tell you. As an ironic, contrarian, so-hip-it-hurts Gen X-er, I just can't love you anymore. I can't like you because ... because, well, everyone else does. And suddenly supporting you just seems soooo last week. [...]
That is how the letter starts. You will have to go read the rest...

I am not quite sure if the letter is a satirical sort or if it is real; she is a Bush Basher. I am a "Bush Basher" when he deserves it but this creature has made a career out of it. No matter...the letter is funny which, leads me into another funny story not as in "haha" but as in "this can't be happening".

I am an old warrior, set out to pasture. I spend my last remaining days on this planet re-educating the youth that have been indoctrinated with and by The List of 45. Just for the hell of it, I decided to go back to college to increase my knowledge. I attend various classes and institutions in and around the area learning and observing - mostly observing - observing the professors that portray themselves as educators but are certainly not teaching - they are indeed indoctrinating. Some professors have even told me and the Boss Hogs that they don't want me in their classes. Tough. I pay the tuition and that means they work for me. I have only been "censured" from attending one professor's class. Odd, that, eh?

Anyway, last week, I was entering a facility to see which professor I could send into orbit next when something caught my attention. At my age, scantily clad women pretty much scare me but these two drew me in. It was Super Tuesday. Two knock-out gorgeous "little girls" were holding Obama signs and chanting "VOTE OBAMA" and jumping up and down which, considering that which they were wearing could prove to be interesting if the bobbing and jumping got more energetic. People walking in and out caused more jumping, bobbing and screeching "VOTE OBAMA"!

Oh! Did I tell you? It was Super Tuesday. And we were in Texas.

That is what got my attention, actually. I approached the two "little girls" and we had a discussion. One was a blond so, we will call her "B". The other was a dirty-blond so, we will call her "DB".

ME: Excuse me. What is all the excitement about?
B: It is election day!
ME: It is?
DB/B: Yes, it is! (they looked at me and each other with quizzical glances)
ME: Who are we voting for?

They looked at their signs as if to say, "DUH! Obama!" But, they didn't actually say that.

B: We are promoting Obama.
DB: Who are you voting for?
ME: No one. At least, not today anyway.
B/DB: Why not? Don't you care about our country?
ME: I most assuredly care for my country but no one in Texas is voting today.

Imagine deer in the headlights surprise and confused facial expressions here.

ME: You obviously don't know that Texas isn't in on Super Tuesday Primaries and today is Super Tuesday for 24 other states but Texas isn't one of them.

B and DB shared glances and looked around. I couldn't stand this much longer. I did manage to refrain from ROFLMAO but I sure did want to.

DB: Well? We did wonder why the usual "vote here" signs were no where to be found but we just figured someone forgot to put them out.
B: Yeah. She's right. They forgot.

(Again, it is always the fault of someone or something else)

ME: No one forgot. It isn't time yet. The Texas Primary is in March. I'll let you do some homework and find out which day...I don't want to spoil your fun. As you can see, there are no voting booths in place anywhere and, seeing that everyone around here was giving you the "what the hell are these two doing" looks, you might want to put the signs down and try and act normally for a few moments.

You two are going to vote for Obama?

B/DB (after laying their signs down) Yes! We are!

ME: Why? What does Obama offer and what are his qualifications to be the Leader of the Free World?
B: He wants to change the politics in DC.
ME: Just in DC?
DB: No, the whole world. And DC. (more "DUH! looks)
ME: Change? In what way? Didn't we have change in 2006 and all of 2007? Wasn't that the sloganeering from the last election cycle?
DB: Yes we did! And it was good.
B: Way good.
ME: If the change in 2006 and 2007 was good and way good, what is there to change and why change it if it is already good and way good? Why change a good thing?
DB: He wants to make it so DC is better.
ME: So, better is better than good and to get there we must change that which is already a good thing for the better?

With that, the conversation ended and they picked up their silly signs and scurried off. They scurried off, I think, when I put my 101st Airborne cap back on my head. I wonder if I scared them off or if they just felt too stupid prancing around trying to stir up votes for Che Barack on a day in Texas where no one was voting.