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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jihadis Running Out of "Soldiers" and Weapons


From American Congress For Truth...

Largest Terrorist Forum says: "Situation in Iraq is Very Difficult, Weapons are Few, Men Are Even Fewer"

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! They are running out of Jihadi scum? WHAT? (emphasis mine)
In a very surprising thread posted last night on Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the largest terrorist forum on the internet, the author called for urgent help for the terrorists in Iraq. He said that the last bastion controlled by the terrorists in Baghdad has fallen into the hands of the US and Iraqi forces. He described the situation in Iraq "as very dangerous and very difficult, weapons are few but men are even fewer." He wrote this in bold, large, red letters. [...]
Aw, GEE! Poor Jihads. I do recall predicting this very topic and this very outcome some months ago when the Troop Surge was building up. Chalk up another PLUS for A Newt One. It looks like out Troops have thinned out the Jihadi Scum gene pool to all time lows...this is a GREAT thing.

In an AP interview with General Lynch:
[...] "The surge gave us the combat power to take the fight to the enemy," Lynch said. He cited a Jan. 10 battle in Arab Jabour where U.S. bombers dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs in 10 minutes to clear an insurgent stronghold.

U.S. troops have built 50 new bases south of Baghdad where they live full time instead of commuting from massive bases in western Baghdad as they had in the past, Lynch said.

"Once you're there, the local citizens come forward and ask two questions: 'Are you gonna stay?' If the answer is yes, they say: 'How can we help'" [...]
There have been reports that there are only 200 "foreign" Al Qeada fighters remaining in Iraq but I will not swear to that...that report could be a ruse of sorts by AQI.

Operation Phantom Phoenix pretty much decimated the AQI stronghold and the remaining Jihadi Scum fled to the north in Mosul
Iraqi government spokesman Ali Al-Dabbagh has said that the next two days will see the beginning of the "deciding battle" against Al-Qaeda members in Mossul.

He denied news of a possible closure of the border with Syria during the expected activity, saying that there was security cooperation between the two countries.

He added that in order to expel Al-Qaeda members from Mossul, there was a need for cooperation of the tribes and city residents themselves, as happened in Baghdad and in other regions in Iraq.

He said that the government was determined "to destroy the terror groups in Mossul and to purge it of Al-Qaeda."

Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, February 1, 2008
We have seen the probing skimishes in recent days supporting this report.
[...] We are winning this war against Al Qaeda in Iraq and we are winning it big. The terrorists have been utterly defeated and driven out of Anbar, Baghdad, and Diyala. Their remaining and defeated forces fled to Northern Iraq, and to the City of Mosul in particular where the Iraqi and US troops are going to conduct an eminent decisive attack against them.
I realize the excitement here but rest assured, the fighting ain't over yet so don't get all warm-fuzzied on this development to a degree that something like mentally deficient innocents are being used to blow themselves up...unawares...becomes a surprise to you. Why do I say this? Last week, in the Global Cultural Jihad Series, we brought to your attention the foreign nationals caught in Mississippi. As it turns out:
[...] Well, shut my mouth and call me, pixie. A federal Border Patrol sting operation on I-20 nabbed a group of illegal aliens including some suspicious characters from Egypt and the West Bank Palestinian territories. They were caught more than 800 miles from the US Mexican border. We at ACT have been warning you, the Congress and the Administration how porous our borders were to infiltration by Jihadis. Middle Easterners can masquerade as Mexicans or Latin Americans including adopting their identification. [...]
While you are at it, check this story at One News Now. Is it possible that the reason(s), which could be many, that the fighters in Iraq have been getting less and less, is because they have dispatched them to Western Nations for Jihad? Thousands of Jihadi Scum have been KIA and captured but it doesn't take all that many to bring madness and mayhem to our American peaceful every day lives, does it? Look at Europe for a preview.

Yes, Victory In Iraq is indeed imminent but the fighting is not over yet.