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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is This Do Or Die Day for Hillary?


Texas Dem Primary: Obama 48% ; Clinton 47%

Ohio Dem Primary: Clinton 50% ; Obama 44%

I suppose we will find out today because today is Super Tuesday Part 2! In the Daily Tracking Report by Rasmussen, no one is 100% sure as to the outcome in Texas or Ohio but Hillary has eeked out ahead of Obama nationally by a sliver. McCain is still shown as having a lead on both Hillary and Obama on the national levels.

Today should be a fun day just in time for my BTR show this evening. Naturally, the results won't be in until later this evening...perhaps on Joshua's show.

Gonna be a bumpy ride. I am hoping Hillary pulls it off because Obama is nothing but an empty suit and hasn't clearly defined a single thing.

Barack has 1378 and Hillary has 1269. Someone needs a total of 2025.
McCain has 1047 and Huckabee has 247. Someone needs a total of 1191.

Today are the primaries for Ohio (162), Texas (228), Rhode Island (33) and Vermont (23).

Interactive delegate map here.