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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Iraq War No Longer An Issue Because...


In Hillary's own words as the campaign began about 100 years ago, as it seems, was that the Troops would be in Iraq for quite some time. Then, she claimed responsibility for The "Bush" Troop Surge because the Iraqis listen to "every word I say"...such a putz this woman is.

Then, JWF comes out with this today:

In Iraq Until 2018?

[...] That's simply paying lip service to their antiwar constituents. The reality is if they were to pull our forces out quickly and it turned into a mess and an Iranian proxy, that Democrat is almost sure to be a one-termer. (read the rest)

The source for this post is here:
Iraq's defense minister said on Monday his country would need foreign military help to defend its borders for another 10 years and would not be able to maintain internal security until 2012.

Abdul Qadir's remarks, in an interview with The New York Times posted on the newspaper's Internet site, could become an issue in the U.S. presidential campaign.

"According to our calculations and our timelines, we think that from the first quarter of 2009 until 2012 we will be able to take full control of the internal affairs of the country," Qadir said.

"In regard to the borders, regarding protection from any external threats, our calculation appears that we are not going to be able to answer to any external threats until 2018 to 2020," he said.

President George W. Bush has said U.S. troops may have to stay in Iraq for years but most presidential candidates, especially Democrats, would like them to withdraw much faster.
The Drive-by media and the Socialist Democrats wanting to ruin this nation are deafly silent on this.

Bush wins again!