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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ioway Caucus Post...


Well? Were we right or what?

So far, at 0115 hours EST...100% of the precincts for the DNC and 87% of the precincts for the GOP reporting in...

GOP: Huckabee; 34.4%. Romney; 25.2%. Thompson; 13.4%. McCain; 13.1%. Paul; 10%. Giuliani; 3.4%. Hunter; 0.4%. Tancredo; 0.00%.

It is Good that Thompson came in third. This is a must for him. Now the media will HAVE to at least give him some recognition and perhaps the whiners about the "fire in the belly" crap will STFU now. The "fire in the belly" Mitt didn't win. Fred Thompson is doesn't need "fire in the belly"...heartburn is not a requirement. I wish Duncan had placed better but he doesn't have Paultards and for good reason.

In the end, Fred will take the nomination and Duncan will be the running mate. Ron Paul is a flake and you must GO HERE to witness Cape Boy matching wits with man in a Mouse Suit arguing about Ron Paul.

DNC: Obama; 37.6%. Edwards; 29.7%. Clinton; 29.5%. Richardson; 2.1%. Biden; 0.9%. Others; 0.1%. Dodd; 0.00%. Gravel; 0.00%. Kucinich; 0.00%.

Out of the Leftinistra running, the ONLY ones remotely qualified to run the country are Biden, Kucinich and Dodd. Imagine that. Collectively, they only got 3% of the Ioway votes. I find it interesting that DNC "others" scored higher than the Chief Nut Kucinich and Gravel. This shows us that the Democratic Party has just about reached its self-implosion zone. Seriously.

Watch the arrows fly in the DNC contests...more so than the GOP.

Tonights' results were pretty much predicted here .