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Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Much Is A Guy Able To Tolerate?


OK. Political Correctness and that set aside - or not - I can only take so much of this kind of activity without having serious doubt as to ones' sanity. Is it too much to ask for men of stature and prominence to act as themselves or do we all succumb to blind idiocy?

There are some that would have us all believe that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim because he is seen as dressing in Muslim garb at one point in time...that we know about. I am not one of those. I see him for what he himself demonstrates by nearly every word the fool utters - a socialist at best and a communist at worst. If he is a closet Muslim, so what? That just brings to the fore his Obama Fascism all the more evident seeing that Muslim Law is Islamic Fascism which is close to socialism/communism in its own "right".

With that being said, I ran across a post at Obsidian Wings that has inspired this post or rant, whichever way you would care to look at it. I ran across this post after poking around at our friend Sprees' blog. The picture of Barack in Muslim garb is more evidence of what pandering does to our politicians. President Bush doesn't get a pass either. This is what has my knickers wadded up.

Granted, there is a stigma to Baracks' Muslim heritage (maybe) and he does have a tendency to take the Islamotard point of view more so than the American point of view (catering to the moonbat anti-Americanists for votes). Barack has fatally not recognized that we are in a war against Islamotards and his knowledge in this area is beyond questionable. But what is GWBs excuse for his recent silliness?

First, the Barack picture...

Now, the President Bush picture...

Now, as hilzoy said, I too have been to many foreign places but it never dawned on me to dress up like one of them to make nice-nice or anything like that. This is just too much for me to bear and we need politicians that will be themselves and not try to project to be what someone else wants them to be.

Does Barack dressed in "Muslim Garb" make him a Muslim? Does President Bush dressed in "Vietnamese Garb" a Vietnamese? Not hardly. The issue in regards to Barack's alleged Muslim ties due to his name and background, one would think that he would shy away from from situations such as this. I don't have an excuse for GWB unless, naturally, it is that Compassionate Conservative crap thing going.

GWB isn't running for a third term. Barack is running for his first term and there is more at stake here than his Muslimosity...he is a Engles/Marx socialist/communist. He has zero experience. He has zero openness. He is a liar and a distorter...plain and simple.