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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Gloden Globe Collapse and The Fall Of Saigon?



Hollywood doing without the Golden Globes? Why, it's just like the Fall of Saigon! The supposedly humorous photo illustration above, which ran in Daily Variety last Friday and is now running on Variety's Web site, made me wince. [...] read the rest
They are pathetic these Hollyweird cretins...they had a LARGE hand in the fall of Saigon. How dare they make fun of such treasonous buffoonery!

Naturally, they think this is funny. They don't get it. What would be funny to me is to see theses jerks strung up on a pole as the buzzards eat them alive. How's THAT for funny you friggin' morons?

Don't forget to read an idiot's post about Anne Coulter's Father passing away...they think THAT is funny as well! Chris Kelly is the other moron of the day.

Doctored "funny ha-ha" Hollyweird Trash

The event Hollyweirders had a major hand in

This is NOT bloody funny, ya'll!