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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Cultural Jihad: The Series Continues


From Melanie Morgan: via;
As the Democrats wrap-up their 'we-need-socialized-medicine-and-tax-rebates now' theme...the threat of terrorism is inkily alive in your city and mine.

And it hits home for those of us here in the San Francisco Bay Area. [...]
San Jose and Santa Clara police chiefs announced Wednesday the results of a massive sting operation in their cities. Operation Meltdown, as the joint effort was called, netted investigators hundreds of criminals, tons of stolen copper, dozens of stolen cars and weapons, and in one case, homemade bombs.

A Fremont man was arrested in October as part of Operation Meltdown. He is accused of trying to sell the officers improvised explosive devices capable of being detonated remotely by a cell phone. During a news conference at San Jose Police headquarters Wednesday morning, police showed a video, recorded by hidden camera, of the suspect demonstrating the technology to officers by detonating a bomb for them. [...]

Hometown USA folks...