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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Explosion in NYC UPDATED and UPDATED


NYPD has cordoned off a section of Times Square after an explosion was reported. The bomb squad is on the scene. No further information is available at this time.

The military recruitment station does have a hole in their structure.

All American Blogger has more...

Fox News:


Free Republic:


Fox News: refresh link for up to date data...
Explosion Hits Military Recruiting Station at New York's Times Square

Courtesy Fox News

Wonderful...web cam is here...

BBC now chiming in...ABC wakes up...Al Reuters says hello...MSLSD coming along...NYT City Room antes up...

Blackfive: something about Patriotism, Code Stink and similar morons...


Pat Dollard:

Gateway Pundit:

Sister Toldjah...moonbats?

Hot Air coming on line as well as Blue Star Chronicles...

From Ed (and I have been SCREAMING this for a very long time) "...When this fails to achieve their goals, expect bombs to find human targets...."

There is going to be blood in the streets before too long...

Melanie Morgan wrote of this a while back:
Attacks against military recruiters and their offices are growing around the United States, spurred by anti-American anarchists who thrash the centers, assault and batter people, and intimidate those who want to serve their country.

Attackers throw rocks, chain themselves to doors, punch and kick, spray paint graffiti, break windows, yell, and generally vandalize recruiting centers across the nation in repeated attacks. [...]
Michelle Malkin wrote 2 years ago:
First, the UC Santa Cruz thugs drive recruiters off their campus. Then, anti-war nuts target ROTC facilities in North Carolina. Now this via the Minneapolis Star Tribune (hat tip: reader David): [...]
So, what are we going to do about this? I am for an all out assault on the enemies within.

You? Like I said at Digital Journal:
If the squeamish authorities do not get a handle on this kind of activity, the American Civil War of the 1800's is going to look like a walk in the park...

NY Post:
Michelle Malkin:
Jamie Wearing Fool:
Boston Herald:

We are all in is the Hate Filled Kook Fringe Anti-Americanists, aka American Anarchists and those "peace loving" "anti-war" morons.

Power Line wants to know...Islamic Extremists or Code Pinkers?
YankeeMom says...ENOUGH!!
CJ at Soldier's Perspective: Guess what radical liberalism gets you........
Chicago Ray: "Well, I'm betting it wasn't a "right wing war mongerer", as they refer to Patriots and supporters of the US Military, gallantly spreading freedom around the world and creating democracy were tyranny has ruled for eternity around the world who set off a bomb this morning in of all cities New York, at a military recruiting station pictured below. The terrorists around the world love seeing this stuff you can bet. [...]

Meatheads are asking stupid questions at the moment at the Press Conference at the scene with Mayor Bloomoberg.

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waking up...
Q and O wants to know why there are IEDs in NYC...
Breitbart has video...YEA!!

Atlas Srhugs
...good ole Pam!!
Who is the enemy here? There are two Americas - the America haters and the America lovers and in short order we'll have low grade civil war. This is one of the only recruiting stations that has all four divisions under on roof (army, navy, air force, marines). [...]
It isn't going to be a "low-grade" civil war...sorry.

Thunder Run...
KOSmonoffs are worried about them being labeled as "left-wing terrorists. Well, you are, moron! Other KOSmonoffs are saying the "right-wingers did it" to garner sympathy...morons. Right Voices calls them kossacks...LOL!!

The explosive device was inside of an ammo box and...NY blast no imminent threat to US. What a retarded statement. As long as there are morons like this bomber-moron running around loose, there is an imminent danger to everyone in their general vicinity. I'm not even going to quote from the article it is that stupid.

Moonbattery chimes in...
It looks like the festering moonbattery that has resulted in the outlandish siege of the Marines recruiting office in Berkeley and the blockage of military transport in Olympia is spiraling out of control. Last night the military recruiting station in Times Square was bombed. [...]

Campaign it.

My Pet Jawa says that you don't have to be a Islamo Terrorist to be a terrorist.
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CI-Report (mdconservative):
Video of News Conference...PatDollard:
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Susan at WUA...links to the moron brigade!! LOL!!
Protein Wisdom wants to blow up a Head Shop! ROFLMAO!!

FURTHER UPDATES: at memeorandum

Ed at Hot Air...more on the morons on the left saying the "righties did it"...morons.
Bob O at Confederate Yankee doesn't think this is an anti-war puker...more or less...makes sense, actually
Ace of Spades has a great run-down of events and commentary
Fishwrap says the White House says this isn't terrorism...I suppose it is a run of the mill and every day kind of natural bombing thing...

Gathering of Eagles commenting now...