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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Draft Ted Nugent For President


If we can't have Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter, maybe we should get Ted Nugent with his Nugentnomics.
Ted's plan makes sense and surprisingly, it does not involve hunting.

Ted Nugent wrote a good piece for the Waco Tribune-Herald that showed a better grasp of basic economics than President Bush, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid have combined.

He points out correctly that the politicians are wrong to offer handouts - welfare (it is not a rebate if you pay no taxes or it exceeds your tax liability).

Nugent: "Sending Americans a check is economic flash over substance. If our professional politicians really wanted to improve the economy, they would do a couple of key things." [...]
The article is here:

Ted Nugent: Stimulus plan? Let's try economic freedom

I'm incensed at the Bush/Pelosi $150 billion economic stimulus package.

You should be, too.

Sending us a check for a couple of hundred bucks is a pandering joke - an economic slap in our faces.

Hopefully you are smart enough to see through this economic smokescreen. Even if you spend all of the money - your money, by the way, coming back to you - it will do little if anything to improve the sagging economy.

Sending Americans a check is economic flash over substance. If our professional politicians really wanted to improve the economy, they would do a couple of key things. [...]
Go read the rest of the article to see why Nugentnomics will work...this excerpt is key to choosing a politician...ANY politician.
[...] As the American presidential primary juggernaut roars down the political track, voters need to ask two key economic questions:
Do I really believe that federally controlled health care will improve the quality of health care?

Do I believe that more or less government intrusion is the right approach?
America remains an economic powerhouse. Our economy is four times that of China, but China, India and other burgeoning economies are nipping at our economic heels. If we continue down the path we are on, China's economy will eclipse our own by 2030. That's not good.

The foundation of freedom is economic freedom. You know far better than others how to spend your hard-earned money, how to invest it, and how to take care of your health. Vote for your economic freedom. The economic fate of our country is your hands.
Hillary would garnish your wages to pay for free health care. Is that really free, then? I don't think so.

Flopping Aces says that there can never be enough socialism for the Democrats and Hillary is indeed a Budding Leninist. Obama isn't any better.
[...] Yup, you happen to be 25 years old in excellent health making a few bucks and don't want to pay the added expense of health insurance? Forget it. The state now demands you pay. Then her pal Rangel is waiting on the sidelines ready, willing and able to pass the mother of all tax increases to help pay for all those entitlements, all to get more people addicted to Socialism. [...]

[...] Think Obama is any better? Forget it. The most liberal Senator in Congress is salivating at the thought of his brand of Marxism being wrought onto the masses of the United States. Maybe some added taxes to your pension to pay for reparations or some other Socialist crapola. One thing is for certain, any person who gets the endorsement of is someone who should never get the Presidency. [...]
The country is in trouble and we need to take the Lower House back with folks that will uphold the Constitution and then take the Senate back with those that will uphold the Constitution. When this happens or takes place, it won't matter if we have a socialist or socialistic President in the White House. If the constitution is enforced, the problems in this country will vanish for the most part.