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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Data Bomb: The Lancet and Lancet II Iraq Dead Are Bogus


In the National Journal (HT to The Astute Bloggers) there is an in-depth look into the surveys that have stated that Americans have killed 600,000+ Iraqi civilians in the War In Iraq. We have been over this ground before and if our readers, visitors and subscribers care to chime in with what their research has shown, please enter the data in the comments section.

What has been exposed or revealed is something I was unaware of or just plain missed it the first go-round. It has been shown that the "data" was collected by a former Saddam Hussein operative known for large exaggerations and this person is known as Riyadh Lafta. Go figure.

The truly amazing item of interest for me is the Lancet survey has "facts and figures" way out of line of the known leftist group based out of England, Iraq Body Count. Their figures show almost 50, 000 whereas the "adjusted" Lancet account puts the figure between 426,369 to 793,663...they averaged and came up with 654,965. Their published chart shows 601,027.
[...] Almost 92 percent of the dead, the study asserted, were killed by bullets, bombs, or U.S. air strikes. This stunning toll was more than 10 times the number of deaths estimated by the Iraqi or U.S. governments, or by any human-rights group. [...]
After reading this report...THREE times...I came away with several thoughts, none of them complimentary. To give you a hint, the groups are Soros funded and you all know from previous investigations I and others have conducted, Soros os no friend to the United States Constitution.

Get yourself some coffee as you prepare to take part in today's Talking Heads Shows and read this report. It is well worth the read.