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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Code Pink Turning Code Blue


HT to Melanie Morgan for this story here: there is a group called UNCOIL which stands for United Napans Concerned Over the Iraq Lunacy. Read the post and feel free to leave a comment...I did already.

Mel says that there are other stories of interest in regards to the upcoming Berzerkeley showdown on 2/12/08. She also is keeping up with the backlash the City Council is getting beat up by. And while you are at it, check out Michelle Malkins' syndicated column at Townhall today...a must read!
The troop-bashers in Berkeley are at it once more. But this time, the rest of America lashed back. Message to the Left Coast: It's not the 1960s anymore. [...]

[...] After feeling the heat, not just from veterans, military families and troop supporters outside of Berkeley but also from their own embarrassed citizens, the council is waving a partial white flag: Two council members will move to rescind the obnoxious letter and Code Pink privileges next week. It seems a little light bulb went off in Councilwoman Betty Olds' head: "I think we shouldn't be seen across the country as hating the Marines."

Too late. The city's "horrible karma" is on full display. Sit back and watch Berkeley be Berkeley? No more.
In other news, even the SF Chronicle is siding against Berzerkeley because they indeed crossed the line and Sen DeMint is getting positive feedback about pulling federal funds. It appears that this stunt pulled by the retarded city council members is having a national stirring up of Patriots and will not go unchallenged and defeated. This has set the anti-Americanists back quite a bit and Code Pink will suffer immensely because of it.