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Thursday, March 27, 2008

BUSH: It's shallow. Shallow psycho-babble.


Folks, you just have to go to Amy Proctor's blog and view the video. I'll place some verbiage here but it is MUCH better when you hear the words and watch the body language. It is classic.
WALLACE: Well, but I wonder what you make of all the talk and you've read it, you've heard it, that you're either trying to pass your father or you're trying to copy him, that you went into Iraq to finish the job because he didn't or that you organized your first term to try to win the reelection, he didn't.

What do you - set the record straight on that.

BUSH: It's shallow. Shallow psycho-babble. You asked me what I think. It's...a bunch of people obviously got too much time on their hands.
We have been saying this for how long now?

I call it BDS driven mental illness, myself.