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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Blog Worthy Email: The Future of Our Treasures


Through one of our Patriot's Groups, a member sent the following message:

From the originating author:
Does anyone give a shit!?!

I feel awful that the Demonrats continue to play politics with our soldier's lives and bravery! What has this Nation become? Why do so many Americans continue to sit back with their heads in their neighbors asses while they bravely fight a determined enemy?

As a single father of two, I am absolutely terrified about the future of our country and our way of life. No, it's not the economy! It's not health-care! It's not taxes! It's not my job! It's not gas prices! It's not our enemy's civil liberties. It's Islamo-fascism stupid!

If that makes me a bigot or a racist, then so be it, I don't give a flying shit! We see across the globe, islamists doing what they can do to destroy human lives. How many more innocent people need to be slaughtered at the hands of the 7th century throwbacks?

I am sick and tired of all the seditious rhetoric spewing from the mouths of politicians! I am about to break! Am I alone here? When will America Rise up? Yes, we see many patriots standing up to defend the defenders. Is that enough though? I feel that it is not enough!

Throughout our great history, Americans have given their lives and blood for the freedom of untold millions. The best of America now volunteers to bravely go where most Americans don't have the spine to go! How can we ever win this war when our political leaders continue to undermine their noble efforts? Our enemy spends day and night planning our demise while our political leaders act like this is some sort of game.

We need a revolution in this country, and I don't mean a Ron Paul revolution! What is it going to take? Please, someone tell me!
Return comments are as follows:

Response 1:
For one, I give a shit. The future is looking bleeker all the time and with 4 grandsons, I fear what they will be facing when they come of age.

Too many Americans have been lulled asleep over the last 4 decades and we are now exacting the price, which will be paid by our children and grandchildren once the suicide bombers begin here.

Most of the country has no idea what we are facing, seeing the war as a distant news report and falling for the touchy feely leftist crap that will get a lot of Americans killed. The left doesn't know what it is playing with either. They, like the Bolsheviks at the end of WW1, think they can disrupt it all and waltz into power, not realizing the Islamofascists hate them more than they do us.

How do we wake them up? I haven't a clue. All I know is my guns are cleaned and loaded and I'm stocking up on ammo and if they succeed in banning firearms, mine goes into hiding, I will not give them up!

The worst part of advocating a revolution is that we will have to fight the very ones we support today. Good soldiers follow orders and that means we oppose them. Better a revolution at the ballot box, if we can wake up enough people. Maybe 4 years of Hillary or Obama will wake them up, but 8 years of Bill didn't, so I have little hope.
Reply from originator:
With all due respect...Will my kids and your grandchildren make it to see our age? I surely hope so!

I do know this though, who ever comes to harm my kids or try to take my guns are in for a surprise. The 5 rifles that I own are not hunting rifles. Every couple months I purchase a case of 500 rounds of 5.56mm. I have been doing that since 9/11. That is allot of rounds! I just wish the ammo for my BMG-50 was as cheep as the 5.56 rounds. At $5.25 a round, I do not have nearly as many 50 cal rounds as my other rounds... Locked and Loaded Here!!!
Another response from the first responder:
I feel they will live to see our age, but fear they will not enjoy the liberties we have remaining. More important to me is that I fear they will be the ones facing the Islamofascists on our streets and in our malls once they commence here.
From a second responder:
I gave a shit, two actually. Eat more beans!

Seriously, XXXX, I feel your pain. While we are aware and activated, our fellow citizens around us seem to be blind to existential danger looming over us like the sword of Damocles. Our blood boils as we listen to the lies spouted by our elected leaders and those seeking to replace them in high office.

Thus it always has been and always will be. Its part of life. All we can do is persevere in sounding the alarm. Perhaps the next mass casualty attack will wake them up.
My response:

I share that angst. I share that frustration. Those of us that have been in The Suck are light years ahead of the individuals that are more concerned over who is going to be the next American Idol or the winner of some dumb-ass non-reality show. They are overly concerned about the guest appearance of a favorite actor or actress on the evening late shows or some other equally inane and mundane silly mind-numbing trap. They pay more attention to some dhimmi on the nightly or morning news show to do their thinking for them or some pollster that wouldn't know their ass from a knot in a dead tree to do the same thing.

I don't let people do my thinking for me and every day of my life I challenge people from all walks of life to actually stop being afraid to think for themselves. I tell them to take no man's word at anything until you check the story or circumstance out themselves.

While the West sleeps, creeping Sha'ria Law befalls Europe in a bloodless coup. If that fails, there is always the United Nations. If that fails, there is always multiculturalism. If that fails, there is always another avenue to explore. (via our friend Ray Robison)
A senior intelligence official said Tuesday evening that the testimony was based in part on new evidence that Qaeda operatives in Pakistan were training Westerners, most likely including American citizens, to carry out attacks. The official said there was no indication as yet that Al Qaeda had succeeded in getting operatives into the United States.

The testimony, in an annual assessment of the threats facing the United States, was the latest indication that Al Qaeda appears to have significantly rebuilt a network battered by the American invasion of Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks.
While things are getting tight for al Qaeda at home, they appear to have kick-started the greatest threat to us, the ability to infiltrate the west with crazy jihadis who look and act just like us.

Not good.
Not good? This is an understatement and if you haven't read Ray's book, shame on you. Ray's Fox and Friends interview is here. Ray's appearance on A Newt One's BTR American Truth Warriors is here.

So, as we can see, the concerns of the email communications are valid. Why? Because men like Ray Robison cause others like ourselves to check things out for ourselves, climb upon our soap boxes and yell our hearts out in the hopes that just a spattering will hear and spread the word.

Others are also on watch: Blackfive;
You can't watch this video or read these articles and not understand how desperate, and how evil our enemies are. Despite thousands of reports of how al Qaida, and, indeed, most every Islamic terrorist group is (and, yes all of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, etc... ad nauseum are terrorists under their skin. You don't like my opinion, tough.) people in America need to be constantly reminded what we face. Otherwise, World Wars have started by ignoring facts such as these. [...]
As many of us have stated time and time again, it is going to take another 91101 to wake the dhimmis up in this nation.

Are YOU prepared to pay the price our politicians are not? Are YOU prepared at all for anything? Or are YOU simply lulled to sleep by the boob tube or a good book, escaping into non-reality in the hopes that if you ignore the issues before us for a long enough period of time, they simply vanish?

We are prepared so, remember us when the time comes and we will say, "Told you so."