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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barak Obama and His Extreme Lack of Knowledge


Anyone that has served in the military, as have I, knows that there are always problems. Some would have us believe that the problems in the military are worse than any civilian vocation. Idiots believe this. Obama must be an idiot.

The other night, I covered The First Meaningful Democratic Debate? UPDATED, and made mention of the military issue that Barak so eloquently screwed up. It wasn't a big surprise to me seeing that I heard this SAME issue back in 2003 and again in is the same story. So, when Barak said that a Captain told him this story, it was as if the event was a current and on-going story. The man is a liar, plain and simple. He is a political opportunist and according to Barak, he wants to change things. One thing he can change is the retarded political always gets politicians in deep piles of turtle dung.

From Ace of Spades:
[...] The left wishes to reduce Obama's statement to the uncontroversial assertion that supply in theater is difficult. But that's not what he said. He claimed that US soldiers were actually forced to capture enemy weaponry for lack of their own, and that soldiers were plucked out of his unit for deployment in Iraq. The first isn't true by the Captain's own admission and the latter seems extremely doubtful. [...]
So far, everything that has oozed from cretin Barak has either been an out right lie to highly doubtful, seeing that he hasn't bothered to explain anything he rambles on so much about.

Over at memorandum, there are a plethora of bloggers and outlets weighing in on Obama's idiocy and blatant ignorance of all things military. He really should stick to issues he knows something about. The problem is, he doesn't know anything worthy to be explained. If he did, wouldn't he have explained something by now? At least Hillary has explained a few things including that she will garnish American wages to pay for her Stalinist Health Care Program. There is no constitutional basis for it but at least she explained it. What has Mr Vague Obama explained anything at all in detail?

Bob Krumm has a very well presented article in regards to Barak's blatant idiocy that he so revealed to a room full of equally idiotic cretins. I still do believe that emotional people shouldn't be in politics. It makes them appear to more stupid than they normally would be and that isn't fair...or is it?
[...] There are a number of misstatements in Barack Obama's story that call it into question. More troubling than the simple misunderstanding of the often arcane jargon that permeates all the uniformed services is the fact that there was so much in his statement that indicates that Obama does not have sufficient military knowledge surrounding him. That is deeply troubling for someone so deep into the presidential primary process. [...]
Like I have said, Barak needs to keep his mouth shut and let people think he is a fool. Every time he opens it, there is no doubt how much of an inexperienced fool he is. Every time idiots like Barak, including any defeatist-minded fool, opens their yappers, it emboldens our enemies whether they like it or believe it or not.

The enemy reads and listens to our news.

To review what the truth of the matter is, go here. When Barak hears a story that has a few snippets of truth in it and exploits it for political gain and, distorts it to appeal to the Leftinistra that he so loves, he himself becomes a lying ass and cannot be trusted. I question the sensibilities of people following such a foolish man and a liar that he is.